Lord bless Africa

Carlin, John

1994 May 8

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Carlin, John Lord bless Africa, 1994 May 8

Nkosi Sikelel�i Afrika

Nkosi Sikelel�i Afrika

Lord, bless Africa

May her horn rise up;

Hear thou our prayers

And bless us

Descend, O Spirit

Descend, O Holy Spirit

Bless our chiefs;

May they remember their Creator,

Fear Him and revere Him,

That he may bless them

.... more suprisingly, Nkosi Sikelel�i Afrika is also the National anthem of Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania and Namibia, each of which sing translated versions.

.... When South Africa play Zambia at football on Tuesday, the anthem will, presumably, need to be played only once.

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