Ngorongoro - Where Cow Poo is Lucky!

Ngorongoro - Where Cow Poo is Lucky!

Cox, Michael



'Actually, we're not really supposed to name the author, since these airmail letters pretend to be the work of Christopher de Nerento, our 10-year-old Maasai pen-pal. Christopher (he got his name from his Bible teacher) has four mums and spends a lot of time fetching water. His ambition is to be an elder and own a lot of cows - or maybe to become a vet and have a house with moving staircases like we have in our cities.

In the meantime, his illustrated letters tell you more about his country than most guidebooks for grown-ups. That's right. This book is for 10-year-olds. But if you can't find a kid to buy it for, you'll just have to pretend.'

Guardian Book Review 28 May 1999

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