Serengeti: Information, puzzles and games

Hanby, Jeannette and Bygott, David


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Hanby, Jeannette and Bygott, David Serengeti: Information, puzzles and games, 1994

Jeannette Hanby met David Bygott

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Jeannette Hanby met David Bygott as zoologists studying primate behaviour at the University of Cambridge, England. After their marriage they went to Serengeti National Park to continue the long term Lion Project. As part of their work on comparing lions in different habitats they extended the study into Ngorongoro Crater. Their four years of field work in Tanzania convinced them that they should do more to help conserve the fabulous and important wildlife areas in the country.

After writing up their lion work, producing a popular book and lecturing abroad, they decided to return to Tanzania and devote themselves to conservation and education. Jeannette contributed her energies and time to MALIHAL, which means 'living wealth' in Kiswahili. She helped establish this conservation education program for the young people of Tanzania, under the sponsorship of Tanzania National Parks, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and outside donors.

Meanwhile David taught wildlife ecology at the University of Dar es Salaam. After two years they decided they could more effectively achieve their aims by starting their own business to produce much needed materials for local people and visitors. They have participated in the production of guidebooks, newsletters and magazines and continue to produce work of educational value and beauty.

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