Into Africa

Packer, Craig



'Craig Packer not only celebrates the lions, chimps and other animals he has studied in East Africa, but also provides a meticulous and fascinating tour to that field work, describing in absorbing detail the spirit and substance of how wildlife research is actually done.' - George B. Schaller.

....brings the subject more up to date, outlining another two decades of research, its trials and tribulations, as well as its results'

Brian Bertram

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Packer, Craig Into Africa, 1994
Page Number: 21
Extract Date: 1 Nov 1991

Great North Road

The highway is good for the next 50 miles. It has only recently been repaved by the Italians after being devastated in 1979. The Tanzanian army traveled over this road when it went into Uganda to overthrow Idi Amin. The government went bankrpt in the effort, and the road was converted to a spindly black lacework of asphalt draped over an endless series of potholes.

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