Mountains of Kenya

Robson, P.


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Robson, P. Mountains of Kenya, 1969
Extract Date: 1969

Ol Doinyo Orok

Ol Doinyo Orok 8,359 ft. A large mountain behind Namanga. Also known as Namanga Mountain. First recorded ascent by G.E.Smith's party on the Anglo-German Boundary Commission of 1902-4. Thomson appears to have climbed a shoulder in 1883. ... Start from Namanga ... Route finding is not easy. The mountain is densely forested in its upper reaches and the topography is complex. ... Doubtful if possible to reach the summit and return in a day. During the 1967 Mountain Club meet on the mountain, large herds of elephant were encountered on the way up, and buffalo and rhino were met near the summit.

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Robson, P. Mountains of Kenya, 1969


Lemileblu 7,050 ft. About 60 miles from Nairobi, just after an S bend, a broad cattle track leads off right to the foot of the hills half a mile away. ... A short climb up the hill on the right hand side brings you to the summit. A very pleasant walk of about 1-1" hours. No Water. Giraffe and other game may often be seen around the summit.

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Robson, P. Mountains of Kenya, 1969


Longido 8,625ft. A prominent mountain 15 miles south of Namanga, immediately east of the Arusha road. A remarkable steep granite slab, more than 1,000ft. high, overlooks the road, but the highest summit lies east of this across a grassy plateau. ... from Namanga, continue on Arusha road to a point about west of the mountain. A prominent dead tree on the left, about half a mile before the right hand turn off to Lake Natron, marks a favourite camp site.

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