Marsh, R.J.


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Marsh, R.J. Diary, 1953
Extract Date: 1953

Arusha residents

Arusha, a growing town and headquarters of the province, is the centre of my work in this part of Northern Tanganyika. Christ Church was built in 1932, and a fairly continuous Chaplaincy work has been carried out in the district. But behind this continuity there has been, and still is, a great deal of change.

At the end of the war there may have been no more than 30 residential dwellings in the town; now there are over 130 with an increasing number of flat dwellings in the commercial area. Many residents are Government Officials, who are not likely to be in the district much longer than two years, and their numbers are always changing. ...

Although the town plays a prominent part in the work, there are other places to be considered. Farming estates within distances of up to twenty or thirty miles from town; smaller Government stations with a population of perhaps 12 families, such as Monduli 25 miles away, or Mbulu 140 miles away. There is also a large farming community at Oldeani some 100 miles away.

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