Maps and Mapping of Africa: A Resource Guide

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McIlwaine, John Maps and Mapping of Africa: A Resource Guide, 1997
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Tanzania mapping agencies

During the period of German colonial rule in Tanganyika, the Karte von Deutsch-Ostafrika at 1:300,000 was published by Deitrich Reimer in Berlin, 1893-1914. Following the establishment of the British mandate in 1919, a Tanganyika Survey Department was set up working initially with the War Office (GSGS). During World War II, mapping was carried out by the Survey Directorate, East African Forces. After 1946, the Survey Department (as part of the Department of Lands and Mines to 1950; of the Department of Surveys and Town Planning, 1950-1952; of the Department of Lands and Surveys, 1952-1959; of the Ministry of Lands and Surveys, 1959-1960, and of the Minstry of Lands, Forests and Wildlife, 1960-1962) worked in association with the British Directorate of Military Survey, and the Directorate of Colonial Survey / Directorate of Overseas Survey.

Post independence in 1961, the Survey Department, as the Surveys and Mapping Division of the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development has continued to work with the DOS.

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McIlwaine, John Maps and Mapping of Africa: A Resource Guide, 1997
Extract Author: L.Berry
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Extract Date: 1971

Tanzania in Maps,

Tanzania in Maps, ed L.Berry, University of London Press, 1971 /New York, Africana Publishing Corporation, 1972. 172pp

Compiled by Tanzania Bureau of Resource Development and Land Use Planning and Department of Geography at University of Dar es Salaam.

61 black and white thematic Maps, with text.

Statistical tables pp153-176.

"single most valuable reference work available on Tanzania",

ASA review of books, 1, 1975, 109-110

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