Elephant: the search for Virgo

Douglas-Hamilton, Saba


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Douglas-Hamilton, Saba Elephant: the search for Virgo, 2002
Extract Date: 2002

She visited a Maasai Laibon for guidance on whether Virgo was still alive (no signs in the stones) and climbed Lengai to make an offering to the gods. And then it was into Manyara NP. Lots of elephant recognition shots, and close up of ears. Meetings with staff and rangers; some had known her as a little girl, and some reported recent sightings of Virgo. Visit to Mtu wa Mbu to find old friend. Requests to have all the tourists look out for Virgo (one tusk, would be about 55). Flight over the park. Camp at her old home. And a trip to Tarangire to visit Charles Foley and go through all her fathers (IDH) elephant cards. There was one elephant which Charles recognised as maybe a visitor to TNP, but he had never seen Virgo. More searching, and lovely shots of Saba sitting surrounded by Virgo's family and descendants, but, inevitably no sign of Virgo herself.

Unusual for a "wildlife" program to have a lot of interaction with local people.

What a difference it makes when you can identify the elephants by name and understand their relationships.

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