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The World Federation of Khoja Shia Ithnaasheri Muslim Communities, 1998
Extract Author: Al Haj Ally Hemani
Extract Date: 1998 Nov 11

Visit to Arusha

Al Haj Ally Hemani, Executive Councillor of NASIMCO has visited Arusha, Tanzania. Herewith is his report as presented by NASIMCO.

Though a small town, Arusha, which is a border town with Kenya and not a long distance from Nairobi, portrays a typical town life which is simple and full of brotherhood.

There are about 800 Khoja Shia Ithna asheri members settled and though a small number have made a great and impressive impact upon the local population and authorities.

In addition to the Mosque, Imambada, Madrasa Complex, Arusha has a Nursery and a primary School, a hospital with various essential departments which even our larger centers in Tanzania lack.

The successful operating of this hospital and managing it so efficiently within a limited budget is really commendable.

The Community has extended its services beyond the community and has daringly taken up the gigantic project of renovating and extending the Arusha Regional Hospital, Mount Meru Hospital. This has been possible under the present Chairman of the Medical sub committee, Al Haj Ghulamhussein Mukhtar. This Son of the community is not only energetic, aggressive, daring, forceful, sincere, resourceful and influential, but his full faith in the Absolute Power and Creator has earned him a team of similar dedicated members.

Br Ghulamhussein Mukhtar has also established an Islamic Library in the city center. This library operates for long hours and is benefiting a large population of the indigenous residents. Regular video programs are arranged during the day which attracts many African youths. This method has been very effective to impart Islamic and particularly Shia faith amongst the locals. This can be observed by the increasing number of converts attending the Juma Prayers at our mosque on Fridays. An African Alim has been employed to serve the people coming to the library.

I was informed that several villages have converted to Shias in and around Arusha Region.

Al Haj Ghulamhussein Mukhtar has donated his previous residential unit where he supervises the operating of a small Hawza. Here various religious classes are organized to cater for different categories of people and ages. Some students who take up religious education on full time basis are also accommodated in the premises.

I was very much moved to observe these activities and propose to the various Jamaats of North America to at least keep up to date regarding Shia Propagation projects going on in the other parts of the world, and maybe plan out strategies whereby we can assist them financially or otherwise.

I also request members travelling on holidays or business to visit Shia centers and report to us for our information and knowledge. As a Muslim ummah we should at least be in contact with them.



(Executive Councilor Nasimco)

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