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Lion Research

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Extract Date: 1999 July

Who's who

University of Minnesota, Lion Project

Dr. Craig Packer, the leader of the Lion Research Center for the last 20 plus years. Dr. Packer is a professor in the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior at the University of Minnesota.

Peyton West, Ph.D Student at the University of Minnesota, returnsed to the Serengeti in 1998 to continue her field research. Peyton is focussing on why lions have manes, and some of the research questions she is addressing can be found at: Lion Mane Research in the Serengeti.

Karyl Whitman, the guru of the Maswa Game Reserve research project. Karyl is currently back in Africa continuing her research, which you can read about at our summary on the (see: Maswa Game Reserve.)

Julius Nyahongo, a Tanzanian student who joined the Lion Research team in September, 1998. Julius will be working with Karyl Whitman in the Maswa Game Reserve, helping her monitor the lions and understanding the general biodiversity of the area, i.e doing game counts, looking at animal tracks, and learning the density of animal species living in that area.

Bernard Kissui, a Tanzanian student who also joined in September, 1998. Kissui will be working in the Ngorongoro Crater , trying to determine whether disease, inbreeding, human encroachment on the rim or ecological changes on the crater floor or some combination of these factors is responsible for the decline in lion population over the last few years.

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