Serengeti Shall not die

Grzimek, Bernhard


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Grzimek, Bernhard Serengeti Shall not die, 1959
Extract Date: 1959

Serengeti darf nicht sterben

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Directed by

Bernhard Grzimek

Writing credits

Bernhard Grzimek

Tagline: Filmed In The Green Hell of Africa's Jungles! (more)

User Rating: 8.8/10 (22 votes)

Also Known As:

Serengeti (1960) (USA)

Serengeti Shall not die (1959)

Runtime: 85

Country: West Germany

Language: German

Color: Color

Sound Mix: Mono

Certification: Finland:S / Germany:6 (w)


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Kassel, Germany

Date: 14 January 1999

Summary: The animal film of all time

The Serengeti is one of the biggest paradises of the world. In no area of the world you can see more beautiful animals than here. The film shows what Michael and Bernhard Grzmimek had done to rescue the Serengeti National Park in Tansania. "Serengeti Shall not die" is beautifully photographed. It's a moving and sad movie because Michael Grzimek gave his life for the wild animals of the Serengeti.

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