The Leopard Man

The Leopard Man

Hanssen, Bj�rn-Erik



So, who is he? A good question that demands a detailed answer: The Leopard Man is an important character in Bjorn-Erik Hanssen's documentary novel, "Leopardmannen", from 2000. The man with the animal name is really called Qaarama Marmo and belongs to the tribe of Iraqw people in Tanzania who, according to tradition, have "power" over leopards and can communicate with them.

In the book Bjorn-Erik Hanssen, as the chief character in his own story, is pulled into a strange intrigue he can't get to grips with and, little by little, begins to understand that he is the "instrument of the Leopard Man". Bjorn-Erik Hanssen also has taken on the role of editor for this page [ his web site,]: an instrument for a magic power that wishes to spread African music to new audiences.

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