Stop mud slinging Hadzabe

Mvungi, Asiraji

2003 March 29

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Mvungi, Asiraji Stop mud slinging Hadzabe, 2003 March 29
Extract Author: Asiraji Mvungi
Extract Date: 2003 March 29

Stop mud slinging Hadzabe

The Hadzabe community sparsely scattered in the Manyara, Arusha and Singida regions have blamed individuals who are tarnishing their image by accusing them of consuming monkey meat and smoking marijuana.

Four representatives of the community who were in Arusha to attend a meeting to review the Wildlife Law Act Number 12 of 1974 said that they were being victimised for no apparent reason.

The representatives led by Mr. Magandula Kizali, Chairman of the Mongo wa Mono sub-village in the Mbulu District said that it is not true that they eat monkey meat and the allegations that the community rejoices in smoking marijuana are absurd.

Mr. Magandula who was accompanied by Mr. Maloba Masangu and two interpreters, Paulo Ntua and Athuani Magandula said that there has been a tendency of certain people who pretend to be members of Hadzabe community and claim that they know their culture very well.

"We are living in the bushes and neither do we cultivate nor engage in any trade. Now, how can we obtain marijuana?" queried Mr. Magandula.

He said his community does not eat apes nor does it offer monkeys for dowry as claimed by some people whom he said are out to mud sling the community.

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