Masai, Myths, Tales and Riddles

Masai, Myths, Tales and Riddles

Hollis, (Sir Alfred) Claude



From the publisher's web site:

Enter a world of warriors and devils, monkeys and hyenas, earthquakes and comets-a magical realm, in which everyday life takes on supernatural elements. These enchanting tales originated among the Masai of East Africa. At the turn of the twentieth century, an anthropologist entered their society to record these ancient tales, myths, prayers, and proverbs, and for the past hundred years, this volume has served as an authentic and authoritative source for studies of Masai culture. Thanks to the engaging simplicity and imaginative power of the stories, readers of every age and background can delight in these fables, creation myths, wise sayings, and fanciful explanations for the origins of the stars, lunar eclipses, and other aspects of nature. New selection from the classic 1905 edition.

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