Tanzania on Tuesday : Writing by American Women Abroad

D'Haem, Jeanne

1997 April 1


Book Description (amazon)

Travel Writing. Women's Literature. "In the best tradition of the genre, this splendid collection of travel writing stimulates thought, challenges our preconceptions, and causes us to reflect on the meaning of home"-Saint Paul Pioneer Press. This book, the second in a series of New Rivers Press anthologies of women's travel writing, is a stunningly diverse collection of writing by American women in other countries. The forty-seven contributors range in occupation from writers to teachers to mountain climbers, writing from locations as diverse as Ireland, China, and the Sahara Desert. The result, according to the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Writers and Readers, is "a mine packed so full of jewels, the reader can sit back and pluck them out of the schist as easily as ripe berries from their stems. A bounty. A feast."

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