Kilimanjaro Burning

Kilimanjaro Burning

Robinson, John



Amazon Review August 3, 1998

Reviewer: Alexandra Tibbetts (New York, NY and Scituate, MA) -

If you can't afford the ticket...or are past the stage when you don't require the comforts of home...adventure travel while horizontal, reading.

If you have traveled in East Africa, you will instantly be brought back--to the smells of roasting maize, absurd conversations, cigarettes sold in singles, utter confusion...beautiful, frightening chaos.

A favorite passage, but one that is not representative of the work as a whole: When the Colonel completes a banter..."Monroe polished off his whiskey. It was a pleasure to listen to a trained conversationalist string together nonsense. It occurred to Monroe that no television spewed images from the corner, no harmonious notes sifted down over their heads, the partygoers in this lost blade had learned to divert themselves with premise, resonse, and self-effacement, lost arts in an age of passive entertainment.

If you have had the good fortune to stumble upon this gem, but it and read it. It is crude and despicable in! all the right ways. We are lucky indeed. Mzuri sana, bwana.

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