Ray Mears' Bushcraft

Mears, Ray


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Mears, Ray Ray Mears' Bushcraft, 2004
Extract Author: Producer Cassie Farrell
Page Number: 4
Extract Date: 30 Sep 2004

Africa Camp

Ray travels to Africa to spend time with the Hadza of Tanzania, one of the last groups of true hunter-gatherers on Earth. Ray explains why he has such deep respect for their way of life.

The Hadza of Tanzania are one of the world's few remaining bona fide hunter gatherer tribes. It's a way of life that demonstrates a profound connection to the natural world, one that's greatly admired by the survival expert. Here, he returns to the home of bushcraft to film the people with whom he has created a close connection.

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Mears, Ray Ray Mears' Bushcraft, 2004
Page Number: 4a
Extract Date: 9 Sep 2004

Heart of the Rift

International Cultural Film Symposium (Thursday, September 9 - Sunday, September 12, 2004)

Heart of the Rift (30 min.)

Produced by the BBC

The eastern shore of Lake Eyasi in Tanzania is home to the Hadza, one of the few remaining tribes of hunter-gatherers in the world. Ray Mears travels with them through their magnificent country as they hunt with their five foot long bows and poisoned arrows, eating their bush foods along the way. Ray samples natural honeycomb "grubs and all" and the sweet-tasting, venison-like dik dik before turning to nature's natural bathroom cabinet by chewing on a twig of the "toothbrush tree." He marvels at the skills of the young Hadza who, at the age of two, start practicing their hunting skills, shooting their bows and arrows at butterflies and insects before graduating at the age of 10 to birds and small animals. Ray learns how to make the poison for their arrows from the roots of the beautiful but deadly desert rose, a process that without great care can prove fatal for the handler.

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Mears, Ray Ray Mears' Bushcraft, 2004
Extract Author: Director Cassie Farrell
Page Number: 5
Extract Date: 7 Oct 2004

African Safari

Shown in the UK BBC2 Thu 7th October, 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Safari is the Swahili word for a journey. As far as Ray Mears is concerned, the best type of Safari is on foot - it's the only way to get a true feeling for the world around you.

It's a style of journey that Bushcraft makes possible, so Ray teams up with a Maasai warrior in Tanzania and walks through a beautiful valley surrounded by wild animals.

He sleeps out under the stars and explores some of the uses of the plants he finds.

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