A Life on the Wild Side

A Life on the Wild Side

Willock, Colin



Amazon.co.uk Reviewer: John Martin

Colin Willock's final book, at last takes us to the heart of who he was - after all those years of seeing his name as 'Editor' on the credits of the BBC TV series 'Survival' and countless articles in 'Shooting Times' - which he had written on the train, on his way to work.

Who was he and what did he get up to, behind the scenes in all these telly programmes we watched before David Attenborough stole the show ?

'A Life on the Wild Side' explains, as only the modest Colin Willock can.

In old age and in Walton on Thames, Colin tells his own story in the same self-effacing way as he was so often kind enough to introduce us to others.

If there was ever an 'entrepreneur' of natural history, it was Colin Willock. So often in the background when great programmes were made - with quirky, unforgettable characters who suddenly found a home in the collective unconscious of the general public - Colin Willock's book leaves us in no doubt as to who was the quiet architect of their unexpected fame.

From the saltmarshes of The Wash, to the plains of the Serengeti, Colin was out there - up to his knees in whatever was going on - and quietly encouraging a wildlife camera operator who would bring it to our living rooms.

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