History of the Royal Corps of Engineers Vol VII

Pritchard, H.L. (ed)


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Pritchard, H.L. (ed) History of the Royal Corps of Engineers Vol VII, 1952
Page Number: 107
Extract Date: 1914-18

German East Africa

Quoted by Edward Paice in Tip and Run, page 9

Imagine a country three times the size of Germany, mostly covered by dense bush, with no roads and only two railways, and either sweltering under a tropical sun or swept by torrential rain which makes the friable soil impassable to wheeled traffic; a country with occasional wide and swampy areas interspeesed with arid areas where water is often more precious than gold; in which man rots with malaria and suffers torments from insect pests; in which animals die wholesale from the ravages of the tse-tse fly; where crocodiles and lions seize unwary porters, giraffe destray telegraph lines, elephants damage tracks, hippopotami attack boats, rhinoceroses charge troops on the march, and bees put whole battalions to flight. Such was German East Africa in 1914-18

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