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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Amy Savoury
Page Number: 2008 01 01
Extract Date: 1930's

My Family History in Tanganyika

I am trying to fill in gaps in my family history and wonder if Susan Wynn-Jones' parents and mine were contemporaries in the 1930's.

My grandfather, Ferdinand Reder, was a sisal plantation owner.

My father, Ferdinand William Reder, worked at Ford International in Dar-Es-Salaam for Abdullah Karimjee,

I believe. My parents lived in Tanga overlooking the bay and my grandparents lived in Moshi with another home in Soni, where I believe they are buried.

My aunt, Elizabeth Reder Stadler Forbes, had a small business in Nairobi, and had two daughters, Barbara and Mary-Lynne Stadler, who were educated in Europe. One of their very dear friends was Father Joseph Noppinger, who was from either the Holy Ghost Fathers or Maryknoll Fathers, and I believe established several schools in Tanganyika and/or Kenya.

I have hundreds of letters written by my family during this period and am just beginning to organize them for publishing but have many unanswered questions, such as what became of their homes and businesses.

If anyone recognizes these names I would love to hear from you.

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Nurali
Page Number: 2008 01 07
Extract Date: 1970

about: Hardy Kruger, Jim Mallory, Egon Jux Momella Game Lodge

I was one of the contractors who built the Momella Lodge in the late 60's and early 70's. For old times sake, I would like to contact the above gentlemen. If possible, can you give me their email addresses?

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: William A Omondi
Page Number: 2008 01 28
Extract Date: 1900~

William Kiasa Rupee

I am a Kenyan citizen currently residing in Nairobi. I recently came a cross an Old man claiming to have taken part in the first world war and to prove it, he un-vailed some of the artifacts that he claim he was given.

One of the items was a round copper coin with one of its sides swollen have an inscription of what he refered to as William Kaisas Head with a bird on top of it. The other side was flat with the name William Kaisa inscription on the edges,& other German wording in the mild. When placed closely to the ear & Shaken, some form of heavy liquid can be hard moving & when you fold it into your palm, it sensationalizes your hand.

Word on the street has it that this item is a lot of money.

Question (1): Is it true?

Question (2): How much is it worth?

Question (3): If we were to exchange it for monetary gains, how & where would the transaction take place.

Also shown was a Knife & a Stove egg sharped with palm tree & two Lions on the sides.

Both items looked like they were made long time ago.

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Hannah Stevenson
Page Number: 2008 01 28


I am hosting sisters Cecile & Julia Popp here in Tanzania in the first week of February, coming 'home' to retrace their routes. Their parents were German farmers in Babati & Arusha and the family was interned in Oldeani 'Concentration Camp' during the Second World War, before being deported to Zimbabwe. There are a number of sisters, some of whom were born on Lutheran Missions between 1930 - 1939.

I am looking for ANY information on Oldeani - the whereabouts of the camp, the set-up (at present, this is a somewhat controversial issue with some remembering it as merely a group of German-inhabited farms 'watched over' by the British, and others producing old letters sent from Oldeani to Germany in 1943 with a postal stamp saying 'Concentration Camp, Oldeani via Arusha'.), as another sister Leonie was born in 'the Bundie's guest hut'. We plan to drive out to present-day Oldeani and 'look around' so any more information would be highly appreciated!

The family also went to Arusha School when Wynn-Jones was the Headmaster. I am trying to prepare a collection book of memories for them, so if anyone remembers them specifically and would like to get in touch, PLEASE DO. I know they would be so delighted.

Thank you for this facinating website!

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Stuart Webb
Page Number: 2008 02 04
Extract Date: 1948-63

Stuart Webb - Arusha School - 1948 - 53

I was back in Arusha in January 2008 with my son, a botanist with Harvard University working in Borneo, and dropped in to see Arusha School. I was there from about 1948 to 1953 before heading off to Michaelhouse in Natal, SA. We were on a walking safari with Paul Oliver who recommended looking up your site when I returned to the UK.

We managed to get out to our old farm at Ol Molog, went through our old house and wandered about the farm which has changed little in the intervening years. We were kindly invited to dinner at Simba Estate by the current owner (Sjouke Bruinsma) of our farm and that of De Beer and spent a pleasant evening discussing times past. Little has changed in the farming world at Ol Molog since the days of my father (Cam Webb) - still talking about rainfall and bags per acre.

We left Tanganyika in 1960 to return to the UK. I went on to read Agricultural Economics at Cornell University, then obtained an MBA and ended up on Wall Street. Later, I returned to London, worked as a merchant banker before retiring to a farm in West Sussex.

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Nadia Akhtar
Page Number: 2008 02 04
Extract Date: 1950's?

Colonel T S Conner

Hello, I was just going through my grandfather's pictures and found a picture of Colonel Conner. I was just told by my father that Colonel Conner and my grandfather (Ali Akbar Raja) developed a good friendship, and my grandfather gave him a seeing-off party in Jhelum before his departure to South Africa.

They maintained contact even after Colonel Conner left and it was Colonel Conner who actually gave my grandfather the travel voucher with which he came to the United Kingdom. I was wondering if you would like a copy of the picture.

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Khilen
Page Number: 2008 02 08
Extract Date: 02-Feb-2008

Ten rupee note from Zanzibar government

I went through Percy Siganporia's note on the ten Rupee note from GEA. I have one of these notes.

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Deborah Rubin
Page Number: 2008 02 11
Extract Date: 1986


You might be interested in my doctoral dissertation (anthropology) entitled 'People of Good Heart: Rural Response to Economic Crisis in Northeast Tanzania' Department of Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University (1986). Although it is mostly about the 1980s, I have a chapter tracing some of the history of the sisal industry in Tanga Region.

Extract ID: 5565

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Deborah Rubin
Page Number: 2008 02 11
Extract Date: 1986

my doctoral dissertation

You might be interested in my doctoral dissertation (anthropology) entitled 'People of Good Heart: Rural Response to Economic Crisis in Northeast Tanzania' Department of Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University (1986). Although it is mostly about the 1980s, I have a chapter tracing some of the history of the Sisal industry in Tanga Region.

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Jan Ooms
Page Number: 2008 02 14

St Michael's School at Soni

There are a few mentions of St Michael's School at Soni on nTZ. Would you please add the school websites onto yours in case any old boys want to make contact with long-lost rafriki?




I have added a link from my site to yours and I know many of the Soni "boys" visit your site since quite a few of them lived in the north and a few of them are mentioned.


Jan Ooms

Arusha, Mbulu, Dodoma, Tanga, Dar (1958 - 82)

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Dr. Arshad Kamal Khan
Page Number: 2008 02 17
Extract Date: 1950's

Tanganyika Police

I would like to contribute to your pages by providing some historical details about the Police in Tanganyika and also names of some members of the Police Force. These details will be in context to my fathers career as a Colonial Police Officer. I hope that some members would be interested to know about the famous Osale Otango in Tanga District.

Please do inform me whether this would be possible on your website.

Extract ID: 5567

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Ineke Belfrage (Wynbergen)
Page Number: 2008 02 19
Extract Date: 1958

Arusha and Iringa schools

I went to Arusha school for only two terms in 1958, prior going to St Michael's and St Georges in Iringa (was at Iringa on the first day and last day - five years later).

Have been to a few Iringa reunions but have very vague memories of Arusha school.

What intrigued me was a Martin Davis mentioning Drino and Winnie Baskira whom my parents knew well and stayed with them whenever visiting me at Arusha.

My brother Beert Wynbergen and my sister Lia Wynbergen also went to Arusha in the 60's.(Beert revisited the school in the 90's and was amazed to see the tortoise was still there) I have enjoyed reading this website as there are many, many familiar names.

There is a daughter asking if anyone knew her mother Hester Rijkebusch. I do remember the name. I think they were part of the Kilombero Sugar Scheme and I remember a Rijkebusch at Iringa.

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Joan Webb
Page Number: 2008 02 24
Extract Date: 1946 to 1959

Ol Molog

I recently was made aware of your ntz.info website. It has been wonderful to read about all our old friends --- my husband, Campbell, and I had a farm at Ol Molog from 1946 to 1959.

Our son, Stuart, went to Arusha school. He recently returned there with his son in January of this year, finding the school in good shape. He also was pleased to find our house on Ol Molog still in good condition.

I would be very pleased to share some of my memories, if you are interested.

(Haslemere, UK.)

Extract ID: 5569

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: S. Lisette Micek (Moulinie)
Page Number: 2008 02 24
Extract Date: 1957 - 61

Arusha School Alumnus (1957 - 61)

What a wonderful surprise reading all the memories of school life in Arusha"

The tortoise was my silent witness to all those anxious thoughts and fears of the tacky and the innocent errors in judgement mentioned by Andy Hannah.

I think of an Italian girl (possibly Andrea?) whose cries we heard as we cringed in our beds while she got the tacky for daring to use the toilet after 'lights out.' Where was the logic? So, we wet the bed and that was OK?

Even lovable Miss Jewell, gave the tacky to 3 girls who filled their skirts with the beautiful jacaranda blossoms and lay in wait behind a tree to surprise her with a tribute of showering petals. I missed the punishment only because I was late to the surprise event.

I was in love with Huw Jones ;) and would beg off those Sunday afternoon walks to play cricket with him"Would love to know how he is�His Father was so sweet. I was in Huw's class and I believe his Dad taught French and would ask me to pronounce the words for the class (we spoke French at home).

There was Margaret in the front of the class who had the most infectious giggle" Bryn Jones would say, 'Now, who's tickling Maggie�' leading to another 5 minutes of hysterical giggles.

Who was the strict head matron who always did those frightful tapestries".her houseboy was not to be trusted around little girls and on one errand to her flat I discovered the speed with which I could descend the stairs.

Who was the music teacher with the blue rinse and glass eye who taught knitting?

The beautiful pianist with the perfect french roll hairdo.

The kitchen lady�very stern, who picked up all the bread crusts from under the table one night and had them displayed to us by Mr. Hampshire. What a lecture that was.

I too remember the 3 elephants from the John Wayne film who were brought to the field. A few were chosen to ride then they turned on the sprinklers so that the elephants could play. We also stood along the side of the road to watch the filming in action.

Some names of students I remember: Huw Jones, Birgit Lund of Moshi where I too spent Half Term, Giles Dingwall, Lesley Truesdale and Katherine Tregarthen whose Mum was gorgeous and brought us lollies at the Sanitorium.

Love your website...a healing experience.

Extract ID: 5570

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Page Number: 2008 02 24

Stuart Webb - Arusha School 1948 - 1953

Our son, Stuart, went to Arusha school. He recently returned there with his son in January of this year, finding the school in good shape. He also was pleased to find our house on Ol Molog still in good condition.

Extract ID: 5596

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: S. Lisette Micek (Moulinie)
Page Number: 2008 02 27a
Extract Date: 1957 - 61

Arusha School feedback

I've spent hours discovering the various messages, photos.

I recognized and remembered Jane Holton from her photo, and Marjorie as well.

I remember the school photo, and the discipline it took to get us all to sit still and squeeze in! I am in the 2nd row, 5th from the right with short brown hair.

If Karsten Lund reads this, I would love to have his sister, Birgit's contact information.

Also David Holmes -- a family friend--who lost a shoe out of the train window on the trip to Arusha. I would get on, I believe in Morogwe at 10 pm and we'd arrive at 1 PM the next day. The highlight of the trip was anticipating the bathing villagers in the rivers along the way.

Someone mentioned an earthquake in 1963, after my time. There was another one in 1956 thru 59 because in the long dormitory, with the highly polished floor, when we awoke in the morning our beds had slid across the room and were quite out of order--slippers everywhere. We were fascinated.

I often think of the matron waking us up very early, carrying her little alcohol jar of thermometers as she walked from one bed to another popping in the thermometer, shaking it down, while her shoes squeaked on the polished floor. She always seemed to find one child with a fever.

There was an annual event, possibly sports day, when there was a parents race. One Mum was tall and ran really fast and always won the race.

And later: (4th March)

Lisette Moulinie is the way I was known at Arusha School.

I have gleaned some answers to my own questions from your website since I wrote"

Mrs White was the music teacher with the blue rinse hairdo.

I believe Leslie's surname was Teasdale and she came from Moshi.

I have actually connected with Birgit Lund this past week and look forward to continuing our relationship after 50 years!

I live in California, a long way from Arusha, and work as an Occupational Health Nurse in the semi-conductor industry. Thank you again for maintaining such a wonderful website.

Extract ID: 5572

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Nancy Joan Fletcher
Page Number: 2008 02 27b

Tepilit Ole Saitoti where is he now and what is he doing?

Did Tepilit ole Saitoti get elected in 2005. Is there any thing I can do here in the US that can support what he is doing for the Maasai. I had an encounter with the Maasai that changed my life for the better and would like to do what I can to repay the great benefits I gained.

Extract ID: 5571

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Judith Andersson (nee Ward)
Page Number: 2008 02 28
Extract Date: 1954-1958

Mbeya School 1954-1958

Trying to connect with anyone who was at Mbeya during this period. Fond memories - unfortunately no pictures. Would like to construct a sketch (from memory) of the 'river garden'. We were a Barclays family living in Dar.

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Eunice Bilall
Page Number: 2008 03 02
Extract Date: 1977-1983

Arusha school in 1977 to 1983

hi to anybody who was in Arusha school in 1977 to 1983.

my brothers and I were there around that time, and we have been tryn to trace old pals to no avail. So when I stumbled on this site ,u can not begin to imagine how exited I got,

was shocked to hear that miss Ngowi is still there all the best miss Ngowi keep it up. And the totoise how wonderfull is that.

I was a dormleader in fith dorm, mrs tito was our matron then. Pliz if anybody remembers me and my broters ie Eric and Robert Bilall get in touch pliz for old times sakes.

People like Ahsura alli christina abudlaziz, Ahadi Karume, Aska Karume, Aysha Karume, Rukia Baruti, Ronald Lwakatare and his brother, Asinati Andrew, haikaeli Andrew,

gosh the list goes on and on. we are ugandans,I live in the uk now but my brothers are in uganda and doing well.

Extract ID: 5575

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Andrea Lewis
Page Number: 2008 03 02

Gillman's Point

I came across your page while researching my great grandfather. Clement Gillman. You may be interested in his biography; Gillman of Tanganyika. 1882-1946. The Life and Work of a Pioneer Geographer. By B.S.Hoyle.

Extract ID: 5574

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Richard Dawtrey
Page Number: 2008 03 05

Travelling to school by bus - picture, and life in Tanganyika

A new book about me and my family's life in Mbeya can be found on the website; www.wildlifemurramandbush.com

Extract ID: 5594

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: George Kechris
Page Number: 2008 03 06

Galanos clock tower of Arusha

Yes , the clock tower was built by Galanos , a greek millioner who came in tanganyika at early years of the 20th century . He was from a mountainous greek village and came here as a poor young boy . He also built the Saint Constantine School for greek pupils . In this school found hospitality hundreds of greek children in the 50s and 60s , between them and I.

SOURCE: Book 'greek of diaspora - tanganyika ' of Tsontos ,a Cypriot author resident of Tanganyika - published in 1953.

Extract ID: 5597

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Barbara Epler Matuchniak
Page Number: 2008 03 07
Extract Date: 1942-1948


I am working on the book about Tengeru where I spent 6 years since Novemver 1942 to October 1948.

I have lived in archives, both Polish an British in London for the past several years, and have considerable amount of documentary knowledge. Unfortunatelly some of the information that appears on internet lacks authenticity and even misinforms.

I am greatly interested in any photographs as they speak volumes, more than words.

Thereforo any photos will be greatly aqppreciated. I am so pleased that there are people, here that seek to know the truth and not just tell tales.

Extract ID: 5598

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Eric Bilal (nickname ) Bilauli
Page Number: 2008 03 13
Extract Date: 1976 - 1982

Eric Bilal (nickname ) Bilauli - Arusha School 1976 - 1982

Hi to all Allumni of Arusha School ,

I was there between 1976 to 1982 .I came from Uganda tho every one thought we were Tanzanians ,( such was the unity in diversity st the school),My sister was Eunice Bilal and my brother was Robert Bilal .

I had lots of close friends and it's a pity I cant trace them .If the following are still up and kicking please Holla:

Mao and Juliet Luangisa ,

Kisamba and Hanifa Tambwe ,

Kubo Kalala and sisters,

Patricia Shango ,

Esther Amule ,

David Tembo,

Issa ,

Franco Shomari.

David , Flora and Lucy Moshi ,

Amani Mhlanga,

the Andrews,

Asinati and Haikaeli ,

Andrew Gumbo,

John Herriel,

Sunday Haule (used to be very quiete)

Flora Ngowi

the Lwakatares Ronald and George

gosh they are so many and I have fond memories of them . Where is Robert Ojok ?

I havent had the time to go back to Arusha but will do so soon.


Extract ID: 5599

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Michael Chessman
Page Number: 2008 03 16
Extract Date: 1971-

Michael Chessman - Arusha School - early 197-'s

This school was formative for my schooling in the best sense of British idealism given the great staff there mainly from Australia - the very brilliant Mr. David Nettelbeck our Headmaster and others under his command. I was called Mohamed back then as an adoptee first name although it was indeed inappropriate as it turned out and had to be shrugged off entirely as I came to my senses altogether in this regard.

I now lead the Euro British Coalition, based in Canada that aims for a Euro entity to come into being under the Irish/Australians in fact on the Euro continent of course!

Later (18 April 2008):

I was there early seventies 1971- and in fact Nettlebeck had left at the end of my stay at the school, having been replaced by an indeginous personal from the army, a sergeant in fact. (as such Mr. Nettlebeck was no longer at the school by the mid seventies)

I was awarded the prize for Mathematics and for Drama elocution in addition by Mr. Nettlebeck personally. I was also top speller!

I was also dorm leader during my time there. I once fractured my leg in a soccer mishap and Mr. Nettlebck had to drive to the capital to obtain some plaster of paris for the local hospital to apply!

I have been in touch with David Nettlebeck, who made contacts recently

Extract ID: 5600

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Warna Hewitt
Page Number: 2008 03 20
Extract Date: 1957 -61

Warna Hewitt Mbeya School 1957 -61

I was at Mbeya School late 50's early 60's and remember Mr Morgan, Miss Thompson (who I met in Brazil)but very little else. Would love to hear from anybody who has been there recently as my son is going there in July and would love to tell him the address and how to get there. I was in Stanley house and remember the long dining tables, you could only have 20 people to your birthday party, and also remember the man with the drum who let us know when it was dinner time. As I lived in Moshi and also Lindi, I used to have to fly to school, but remember that we were the last to arrive and the last to leave.

Include_feedback: on

Date: 20-Mar-2008

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Richard Allen
Page Number: 2008 03 23
Extract Date: 1950-61

11 years of my life in Northern Tanganyika

Having been born in Arusha in 1950 and living the next 11 years of my life in Northern Tanganyika I find the personal memories of others in your website interesting and fascinating.

Many thanks for your hard efforts.

My 11 years were spent, along with my family, in the villages of Kondoa, Babati and finally Biharamulo, West Lake Province. My memory of years isn't too bright but we lived in each location for approximately 3 years before moving on to the next, except Kondoa where my Father John 'Jack' Allen spent 2 tours.

My early education, along with my brothers David Allen the elder and Robert Allen the younger, was undertaken in the HRH Aga Khan School, Babati, where my Mother Marjorie Allen was the teacher and co-founder of the school. Brother David started at Mbeya School at some stage during this tour in Babati.

On moving to Biharamulo in 1958/59 my younger brother and I were sent to Mbeya School and David started at St Michaels, Iringa. I have many happy, and some more painful, memories of Mbeya. The House (Wallington) Matron living in her flat at the end of the dormitory, The fear of the House Masters flexible black rubber 'tacky', Mr Morgan (I think) running the Cub Scout pack. Birthday teas, Saturday letter writing home followed by a visit to the Tuck shop and a film in the afternoon, Sundays visit to the River Garden, and many more.

On my Mothers death I found that she had kept a large number of those Saturday letters home and amongst them was a sketch of the River Gardens as drawn by a not so budding artist. This last may be of help to Judith Anderson

On a different tack, before his death, my Father wrote part of his life story. The story begins in Notttingham, UK, and goes on to his move to Tanganyika in 1928, at 13 years old, with his parents to an estate in Sao Hill. It tracks his life in the nTZ area during the 30s to joining and leaving the East African Army between the years 39 - 42. Unfortunately he didn't have time to continue the story further.

I have now copied this story to PC along with photos taken at the time and would be happy to pass on a copy to you if it interests you.

By way of interest, Sao Hill is named after the estate my Grandfather named and ran and subsequently where he built the Highlands Hotel in said place.

Again many thanks for your informative and entertaining website.

Extract ID: 5602

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Melinda Moore
Page Number: 2008 03 26

Searching George Neary or Mike Carroll

Your website is absolutely fascinating. You have done an incredible job with your research and the communication with individuals who were in the area in this time frame is absolutely fabulous. My most sincere kudus to you.

May I please ask,; have you come across any information on a man named Mike Carroll, who hunted with/for Tanganyika Tours and Safaris or a man named George Neary, who hunted with Tanganyika Tours and Safaris from Oct. 1957 to Jan. 1958. He later purchased Tanganyika Tours and Safaris from Russell Bowker-Douglass, during the time he was building the Maryana Hotel.

Any information about these individuals would be greatly appreciated. Again, thank you for the extraordinary job you have done with this web site.

Extract ID: 5603

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Dr. Dirk Englisch
Page Number: 2008 03 27

Adolph Siedentopf - Ngoro Ngoro

Dear East Africa enthusiast,

being at present posted in the German Embassy in Nairobi I happened to run across this interesting website about NTZ.

In a novel about a German officer taking part in the German-East Africa (GEA) campaign (Otto Inhülsen: Wir ritten für Deutsch-Ostafrika -We rode for German-East Africa - 1926) I found the person of Adolph Siedentopf thoroughly described and would like to share these information with the interested reader:

Inhülsen was on a raid to British East Africa, to confuse the British about the real low strength of the German troops in Northern GEA, which brought him from Arusha through the crater highlands almost south of Nairobi , passing what now is Norok province north of the Masai Mara Game Reserve):

> Adolph Siedentopf:

September 1915: 44 years old

Born in Hanover - Western Germany

Apprenticeship as a pharmacist.

Arrived in the middle/end of the 1880s in Dar es Salaam to work in the local German pharmacy.

Being adventurous travelled soon up country to nowadays Mwanza to trade with ivory and cattle. Begin of a close relationship with the Masai tribe whose language he learnt.

Since 1905 farmer in Ngoro-Ngoro ( received 6000 hectare of land by the German administration, although he claimed 24,000 ha, i.e. the whole crater area).

1 "young wife", no children so far (9/1915).

Later constant quarrel with the administration because of the meanwhile established Masai reservation in the area, not allowing settling and farming anymore.

Had 6 former ascaris from the Belgium Congo province as bodyguards and lived peacefully together with 20 Masai families, who had lost there livestock during the rinderpest (1915: 1000 cattle). Boor farmers helped him to build his farmhouse in "boorish style".

Interestingly Inhülsen mentions in his book that during his visit in 1915 Siedentopf's brother lived in the crater, too. Inhülsen entered the crater from the South East side (possibly on the present SE descent). After 2-3 Km (!) at the Lemunge River the farmhouse was situated. I.e. not in the NE of the crater, where you can visit the remnants of a German farm today: is it possible that these are the ruins of his brother's farm? Are there still ruins in the SE area of the crater?

Inhülsen describes Mr. Siedentopf as a very impressive, tall, energetic and tough person, which nevertheless was very sympathetic and humorous. He entertained the visiting officers over hours with funny campfire stories - "Once you learnt to know him you would never forget him". Inhülsen met him again in Summer 1916 in the POW camp in Nairobi, where Siedentopf meanwhile had developed into the sports champion of the camp.

There the description ends.

Having emigrated into the US in post war Germany with already inflation in 1919 (having lost possible family property in Germany), famine, political turmoil, unemployment and economic depression" considering my family's history - appears plausible to me. This goes even more for somebody used to the free and different live in Eastern Africa"

Suicide in 1932 around 72 years old , if really committed, could than have been caused by chronic disease or the 2nd economical break down in Adolph Siedentopf's live, during the great depression after the wall street crash in 1929.

If these additional information will help to bring more light in the life of Adolph Siedentopf, please let me / us know.

Extract ID: 5604

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Aziz Khan
Page Number: 2008 03 29
Extract Date: 1964

1964 Mutiny

I was a school kid in Tabora. An Arab origin man was shot dead and a few people were roughed up. My elder sister, the assistant head of the school, escorted a troop of kids (arab origin kids in the majority!)away from school, past armed mutinying soldiers looking for arab kids to rough-up, to the safety of our homes!

Extract ID: 5606

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Chris Browne
Page Number: 2008 03 31

Frank B. Notley

I am doing some research to find out as much as possible about my grandfather Frank B. Notley who settled in Oldeani and built a coffee farm.

I keep coming back to your web site that has snippets of information, and I am wondering whether you can point me in any number of directions that would help me learn more about his time there.

Things I have found include references to various papers on coffee leafminers, a mosquito that he found, his wife Violet's work on dried foods for solders.The latter my Mum says were frequently revolting!

Really appreciate the work you have put into the site and look forward to hearing from you.

Extract ID: 5607

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: P Gatter
Page Number: 2008 04 07

Channel of the flour mill that my great grandfather built

When in Arusha last week I was so lucky to find the channel of the flour mill that my great grandfather built along the Temi in 1911, see attached picture (that's me in the photo). It starts about 100 meters north of the railroad bridge and carries on up north for about 300 meters - It is fed by three spings surfacing next to the Temi.

The house is unfortunately gone. It was exactly at that spot where the railway is crossing the Temi now.

Extract ID: 5609

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: P. Gatter
Page Number: 2008 04 07a
Extract Date: 2008

Bridge and mill

Today the mill and house of the Bauer's have vanished. They had been built at the spot, where later the railroad bridge would pass the Temi. The canal has however survived, even part of the concrete lining in its lower part is still existent. It runs for about 300 meters on the eastern side of the Temi, and joins the Temi some 150 meters north of the railway bridge. Since the Temi has changed its course over the past decades, it has destroyed the lower part of the canal, but some of the concrete elements are still found and are today used as a favourite spot of locals washing their clothes in the river.

Extract ID: 5614

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: P. Gatter
Page Number: 2008 04 07b
Extract Date: 2008

Concrete elements

Extract ID: 5615

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Victoria Brennan
Page Number: 2008 04 14

Victoria Brennan (nee Butler) Mbeya school Jan 1961-July 1963

I started at Mbeya School Jan 1961, the headmaster was Mr Morgan. I was in Stanley House and remember being able to climb the Fir trees around the sports field, the swimming pool being built, picking up litter before the Saturday evening films, the drummer annoucing mealtimes, shoe cleaning on the grass in front of the dorms, and being taken to see the Walt Disney film Sleeping Beauty in Mbeya. The huge bonfires for Guy Fawkes across the stream, and the Kite making competition and the three horned chameleons. The awful TAB injections and the fancy dress party at the end of the year. Saturday evening Scottish dancing(being wisked through the Dashing white Sargeant with Mr Morgan) and the yearly House sing competition with it English Country songs.

The school closed down July 1963 and we were incorporated into Arusha School for the last term of the year.

I was born in Mahenge and we had to pick up the bus at the Mikumi stop. There were two bus loads of children from Dar and Morogoro and we overnighted at Iringa, girls in the White Horse Inn and boys in the Railway Hotel, this was reversed on the way out, Later when the numbers had dropped we all stayed at the railway hotel. One term the bridge on the Iringa road washed away, so we were bussed up to Itigi, overnight, to catch the train. My sister Judith joined me at the end of 1961 and was the smallest person at school and we were known as Big Butler and little Butler.

I am now fascinated by the curiously dated slang that we used and never came across at any of the other boarding schools I attended. Bosch for rubbish and the use of surnames only.

Thankyou for the interesting Website. I don't recognise any names but would love to hear from anyone who was at school with me.

Extract ID: 5625

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Sandra Finn
Page Number: 2008 04 15
Extract Date: 1950

Eileen Rose Balson

My name is Sandra Finn [nee Phryce-Jones] I was born in Kitale East Africa in 1949.

My father was Philipe Phryce-Jones who married Eileen Rose Balson I have been trying to find my mothers family for many years and was wondering if Eric was my mothers brother she also had another brother called David,

Unfortunately my mother died in 1950 in Nairobi,then my father took me to England,

He also has passed on that is why I am still trying to find out more myself regarding my mothers family .

I would be so happy to find out this side of my family and look forward to your reply.

Extract ID: 5624

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Nandine Nagy
Page Number: 2008 04 17
Extract Date: 1961-1965

Nandine Nagy ~ Arusha School 1961-1965

I love your site.

I hope in a year or two when I retire to find more time to go through it. For me Arusha will always be my home town although I have not been there for many years.

My attention was caught by the contribution by Wendy Sykes, ID 2176. I am the Nandine (von) Nagy she refers to in one of her messages. I would very much like to contact Wendy again.

Is there a way you could put me in touch with her?

Many thanks for your website and efforts.

Nandine Nagy

(went to Arusha School 1961-1965)

Now living in Vienna, Austria.

Extract ID: 5626

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Pat Brown
Page Number: 2008 04 21

Genealogy and ancestors of Oswald Horner Barratt

I came across your website while doing a Google search for information on Barrats and South Africa.

I was a third cousin of Thora Ulyate's (Robert Valentyne Ulyate married Julia Hephzibah Brown, my first cousin thrice removed) and I have been trying to find more information about Oswald.

The reason is two-fold. Firstly his ancestry is a bit of a mystery and I love solving mysteries. The second is that my wife is also a Barratt and I have been trying to determine if there is any relatuionship between the two families.

Her grandfather, William Stredder Barratt moved from the Transvaal to the Eastern Cape (Graaf Reinet) just before the Anglo Boer War and was a successful ostrich farmer until the crash in the feather market.

We have battled for years to piece together her family tree and I have managed to put together quite an extensive tree but I still have some loose ends to tie up. One of these is Oswald and the other is Albert Barratt who moved from the Ficksburg area of the Free State to the Eshowe area of Natal.

I would be grateful if you could help me expand my research or put me on to someone who can help.

Extract ID: 5629

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Ronald Lwakatare
Page Number: 2008 04 24
Extract Date: 24-Apr-2008

Miss Ngowi is retiring

Miss Ngowi, currently the longest serving teacher, is retiring as a teacher this year 2008.

I recently (February 2008) visited the school and had talks with Ms. Ngowi, the Headmaster Mr. Kaniki and Music Teacher Mr. Liheta at different times.

We have in principle agreed to have a music show in Dar towards the end of this year in honour of Ms. Ngowi.

I think the success of the event will depend on willingness of fellow alumni to participate in the preparations.

We need to find a venue, accomodation for the students (most will be at their parents homes) etc. For those interested please let us be in touch. My mobile is 0754268568.

The school is currently undergoing major rehabilitation. I saw the kitchen, swimming pool, laundry place being rehabilitated. The bathrooms now have solar power heaters for hotwater. I am informed that rehabilitation is going on and will also cover the assembly hall etc.

If you get time while in Arusha try to pass by and see the school.

Extract ID: 5630

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Sally Hughes-Ross (maiden name Roe)
Page Number: 2008 04 27
Extract Date: 1958

George Rushby's book

How absolutely amazing to stumble upon your web site and also discovering that my sister has added my parents names!

I typed in George Rushby's book 'The Hunter is death' because I borrowed it from my father many years ago and have now lost it in the many moves I have had.It was a rather cherished book because we lived in Georges old house in Lupembe. We moved there in 1958.

I went to Mbeya School for all of one term in 1958 and was desperatly unhappy. I wonder wether anyone remembers me wetting my knickers because the teacher wouldn't heed my desperatly extended arm, and then to add insult to injury she put my knickers out in the sun outside the classroom with name tape fully visible�tis the only time in my life I wished the ground would open up and swallow me !

Coming back to the book I would be most grateful if you could tell me where I might find another copy.

Also if you could put me in touch with Birgit Lund and Rosie Goodman (Peacock) I would be thrilled as I went to the convent in Nairobi with them.

A great website well done.

Extract ID: 5628

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Marie
Page Number: 2008 04 27

We moved to Arusha I was about 6 years old

Very interesting to read you and your family.

have you recently visited Tanzania ohh you should go take your family a lot of change.

I and my family we onced lived in Morogoro that time my father was a Tax man as an income tax regional officer and we moved to Arusha I was about 6 years old.

After 22 years we asked my father to take us so that we could see our old house it was a very nice feeling ever we took picture with all the memories.

I am a Tanzania now based in UK

Extract ID: 5633

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Michael W. Branham (Palmer-Wilson)
Page Number: 2008 04 28
Extract Date: 1950's

Clary and Donald Palmer-Wilson

I saw this fantastic website and all the communications between former schoolmates and families/friends looking for each other. I would like to get in touch with Robert Palmer-Wilson, one of my half-brothers. That way I can update him on some things. In case other friends are open to getting in touch, a little background on the Palmer-Wilson clan! I went to school in both Kongwa School and St. Michaels & St. Georges in Iringa.Would like very much to get in touch with old mates! I moved to Alaska in 1964 - worked in Africa part of each year since then.

For Robert Palmer-Wilson - last time I visited with you was in London about 1966. Our father, Clary Palmer-Wilson moved to the USA in 1985. He passed away living with me in 1996. Donald Palmer-Wilson, too moved to the USA and he passed away about 12 yrs. Ago. If you want to email me, we can be in touch again and I can fill you in on the rest of the clan. I am in London several times a year for Board meetings and in East Africa once or twice a year for activities - so we can meet easily.

Cheers! Mike

Extract ID: 5632

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Michael W. Branham (Palmer-Wilson)
Page Number: 2008 04 28

Donald Palmer-Wilson

Serena - my half brother Donald Palmer-Wilson passed away about 12 years ago, here in the USA. He and I never communicated much so I do not know where he was nor any other details. Sorry to bring you this news.

Take care.

Extract ID: 5631

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Nigel Birch
Page Number: 2008 05 03
Extract Date: 1963-1965

Nigel Birch ~ Arusha School 1963-1965

I attended Arusha school from about 1963-1965, boarding for the last 2 terms. My father was Dr Norman Birch, who worked in Arusha, then moved to Tanga and finally Dar es Salaam. My memories of Arusha school are distant - I was only 9 when I left. I remember the tortoise, snakes kept in a tank by the headmaster - Mr Jones.

I remember an earth tremor that frightened the life out of me. Also I had measles and ended up in the san and missed sports day.

The family friends we had were the McPhillips a large catholic famaily - Mrs McPhillips being a doctor and Mr McPhillips a magistrate. Also the Cashin's - Nick was a friend. Mr Cashin worked for Pubic Works - on roads I believe.

Good to see a website with memories from people of that time.

Extract ID: 5654

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Lars Urban
Page Number: 2008 05 07
Extract Date: 1924

Margot Rydon

I�m writing you on behalf of Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin/ Germany. In connection with the restoration of an aircraft of our collection it would be very important for me to get into contact with family members of Margot Rydon.

The aircraft was once owned by a famous pilot. His name was Ernst Udet. In 1924 he came into contact with Margot Rydon. By that time her name was von Einsiedel and it would be very helpful to know something more about her and her relation with Ernst Udet and maybe some documents or memories have survived which can help us with our restoration project.

I think that there is a possibility for that since Ernst Udet was for movie work in Tanzania from November 1930 to March 1931.

Yours sincerely

Lars Urban

Aeronautics Departement

Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin

Can anyone help?

Extract ID: 5655

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Greg Taylo
Page Number: 2008 05 13

For Pat Brown: Regarding Oswald Horner Barratt

I found your query regarding the lineage of Oswald Horner Barratt and William Stredder Barratt. I believe I have a link between the Stredders and Barratts:

A Frederic Reeves Barratt married an Elizabeth Stredder in London in 1845. They had at least eight children (Maryanne (1847), Alfred (1853), David (1855), Septimus (1857), Frederica (1859), Felicia (1861), Georgiana (1863), Harry (1869)).

Please contact me if it seems one of these might be your connection.



Extract ID: 5656

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: John van Rooyen
Page Number: 2008 05 14
Extract Date: 1952-1956

John van Rooyen ~ Arusha School 1952 to 1956

Jambo to all rafikis of the van Rooyen family of Tanganyika Packers (Van and Anna)

Extract ID: 5657

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: David Hamilton
Page Number: 2008 05 16
Extract Date: 1947-1950

Arusha 1947-1950

I was intrequed to read about Gladys Rydon as my late father, Ronnie Hamilton, was her business partner and managed Ol Kokola estate on the slopes of Mt Meru between 1947-1950, when he left to take up a job in the growing sisal industry further 'up the line'.

My mother, Olivia, can clearly remember staying at Gladys' lovely home on lake Diluti and told me that her son David was a very talented artist. David lived in separate house on the estate where he had his studio.

My Ma was also the receptionist at the 'New Arusha' for a short time and had the nickname 'The Honeypot' for reasons that have never been made clear to me!

Ronnie was an ex-army major (Kings 4th, Burma and India) and chose Tanganyika after he was sent to train KAR troops in jungle warfare. I think he thought he had died and gone straight to heaven! The farm was situated at 7,500ft and the only transport that could get up there was Dad's US Army Jeep and his horses!

I was born in the European hospital in Arusha in 1948 and we went on to live near Voi and later near Korogwe, when I went to school up at Lushoto.

Of course Arusha was not Arusha without it's share of scandal and Ma came to stay with the Swaffin's as she was running away from her first husband, Eric Hunt! I imagine she and Dad met at the New Arusha and the rest, as they say, was history!!!

I last visited Arusha in 2004 when I climbed Kilimanjaro. The place was very changed and had lost its charm, but I hope to go back again within 2 years.

Kind regards, David Hamilton

Extract ID: 5658

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Clare Danks
Page Number: 2008 05 17

Clary Palmer-Wilson

My father was a hunting partner of Clary's and lived in the area and hunted with him for 11 years. We have a lot of photos, old 8mm movies and info if you are interested. I was born there in 1956. Also interested in this topic. Now live in New Zealand.


Extract ID: 5705

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Jo
Page Number: 2008 05 20
Extract Date: 2008

Apiece of pottery

I have bought a piece of pottery from a car boot and beneath it there is the name 'Joan Burnett' I 'Googled' the name and have found this site. If Joan Burnett was your art teacher would she have made some pottery at some time.

This is like a casserole dish and the lid has a chickens head and tail on the top of it.

It is most likely a different Joan Burnett altogether but I'll look forward to hearing from you to find out.

I bought this in Lincolnshire England.


Extract ID: 5717

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Lorenzo Togni
Page Number: 2008 05 20

Kidugala Polish Refugee Camp

I am trying to trace Dian Winkler who is researching the Kidugala story. My father, Mr Antonio Togni, a settler in the area at the time built the Kidugala camp for the British authorities and was there when the refugees arrived. My mother, Mrs Grace Togni, together with Mr Nico Panyayatopoulos, settled the first refugees into the camp.

Please contact me. Prof. Lorenzo Togni, [details given]

Extract ID: 5718

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Page Number: 2008 05 22
Extract Date: 1965

Arusha School Magazine

Hi David,

I have a copy of the 1965 Arusha School Magazine and several other things includeing the Sports Day programme of the same year. I will scan and email you what I have. I kept a scrap book so lots of info in it from my years in Tanzania.

Cheers, Shaun

Extract ID: 5719

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Logan Steiner ( aka Pat Green)
Page Number: 2008 05 22
Extract Date: 1967 to 1969

Logan Steiner ( aka Pat Green) Arusha School 1967-69

I was at Arusha school from about 1967-66 to 1969, and a few names I recognise, I think I remember Fe McIntyre and definately Danuta. I had a picture of Danuta holding a 'rounders' bat. I don't know if anyone remembers me. I was the one that fell down one Sunday, cut open my leg and they had to rush me to hospital and because of that, no one went for that 'Sunday' swim. It was all because I was racing to the dining room to get the cup of hot chocolate we always had on Sundays.

I had a best friend named Dorothy and Linda (can't remember last names). Dorothy always took me home at half-term to her farm. I think her cousin was Micheal Rothbletz (not sure of the spelling) that I had such a crush on. Linda was the one that alway stuck up for me when someone teased me about being a P.Green or a Green P!!! I'd love to chat with anyone about those days. I remember Mr. Jones, the Headmaster and his daughter Peta. I think all the other teachers, except the music teacher, I'd like to forget. They were very cruel to us kids.

Do you remember the 'Leek dish' we had and everyone hated it? We didn't eat it, so the next night we were served with no dinner! Jones wife was the cook. How many times were we locked in because we didn't shower quick enough? And those midnight feasts with a tin of Milo and saved sweets from the 'tuck cupboard'??

Extract ID: 5720

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Susan Hautavoine (n�e Barallon )
Page Number: 2008 05 25
Extract Date: 1959 -1964

Susan Barallon - Mbeya and Arusha schools - 1959 -1964

I went to both these schools and would like to let Victoria Brenan know that I travelled on those buses that went from Dar via Morogoro and Mikumi to Mbeya. I got on at a place called Soga and later at Kidugallo before Morogoro

My elder brother and sister went to Kongwa and St Michaels and St george's in Iringa

Maria Sossi from Mbeya was my best friend and when that school closed we both went to Arusha

I now live in france and would love to hear from any one that either remembers me or would just like to get in touch.

Susan Barallon.

Extract ID: 5721

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Zainab Khanbhai
Page Number: 2008 05 30
Extract Date: 1973 - 1983

Zainab Khanbhai - Arusha School - 1973 - 1983

connecting with fellow students from Arusha School btw 1973 - 1983

Greetings from Canada.

This is a wonderful site. It helped me read about my old classmates and my wonderful teacher, Mrs Ngowi, and all the other teachers who had taught us during that time. Good luck to Mrs Ngowi and I must say that she did give wonderful years to Arusha School and I very much remember her wonderful sense of humour. She instilled a lot of confidence in her students and took out the best making them believe in themselves. I miss her and all those wonderful times. That was the best times of our lives. I don't believe that era can ever come back.

I was sorry to hear that Mrs Musana has passed away, another wonderful, pleasant teacher who was always laughing. I tried to connect with her but couldn't succeed. Can anyone help me? I also noticed that Priya Behal has communicated with this site but no contact number or add. It would be great to connect again and rekindle all the memories again. Thank you and looking forward to your emails.

Extract ID: 5723

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Al-Karim Walji
Page Number: 2008 05 30
Extract Date: 1980 to 1983

Al-Karim Walji - Arusha School - 1980 to 1983

Hello to all Alumni of Arusha School

Hello Everyone,

First I have to thank David for dedicating his time in putting this website together. Thank-You!

My name is Al-Karim Walji (Alka) and I was at Arusha School from 1980 to 1983. Stumbling on this website brings back a lot of good memories. The old good days!

I made a lot of close friends but unfortunately have not kept in touch with most of them. It has been a very long time yet the memories are so clear that it seems just yesterday. It would be really nice to hear from fellow classmates. If you remember me please feel free to e-mail me [via ntz webmaster]

Below are some of the Teachers and classmates that come to mind. I am sure I can think of more. Please forgive me for the spelling errors.

Bachu Mcgee

Harvinder Bhogal

John Herriel

Omani Hunt (great artist)

Kamal (great artist too)

Simona Makwaiya

Eric Bilal

Eunice Bilal

Patricia Shango

Agatha Msetchu

Kalpna Patel & her brother

Sajeda Hassanali

Gurwinder Singh (Guru)

Salma Chagani


Jaswinder Singh

Rola Carnero

Sanjay & Ajay Brothers

Edwin Mpanyu

David Ezekeil (juju man)


Komal Mandalia

Mohamed Shoeb

Murtaza Hassanali

Naushad Nanabhai

Amani Namfua

Andrew Gumbo

Peter Redding



Rashida Patwa

Mohammed Jariwalla


Mr. Y. Dalal (son Mashud)

Mr. N.Dalal

Mrs. Ngowi

Mr. Shaibu

Mr. Kaale

Mrs. Walala

Mr. King

Mrs. Buckaldee

Mrs. Musana (May her soul rest in peace)

Wow! I am sure I am forgetting so many more names.

I currently leave in Vancouver, Canada. I am planning to visit Arusha next month.


Extract ID: 5722

external link

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Richard Allen
Page Number: 2008 06 03

Down Memory Lane in Tanganyika

Thank you for replying to my ntz Feedback.

My apologies for being a bit slow in replying. After having a chat with my brother David over any copyright issues he may have, I am happy to say that he has no concerns regarding my fathers memoirs and I also confirm that they have never been published and therefore no third parties are involved. If you have the time to read through them you may find extracts that may be of interest to members of the ntz community. If so please don't hesitate to use them.

Unfortunately, due to the size of the file containing the memoirs and photographs is somewhere in the region of 14Mb so I attach a copy minus the photographs.

Whilst reading the story it may be of interest to view the photographs which are available at the following web address; http://flickr.com/photos/richmal/sets/72157600046104464/

I hope you enjoy the story,

Extract ID: 5725

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Sam Ismail
Page Number: 2008 06 05
Extract Date: 1970 to 1975

Sam Ismail - Arusha School - 1970 to 1975

Arusha School - The best!!!

Thanks on a most amazing web site. I was at Arusha School from 1970 to 1975 and saw many many names of people I fondly remember. In fact all my brotheres and sisters were there too - Francis, Lucy, Flora and David.

Can you please let me know how I can get in touch with people who were at Arusha School? In particular I would like to get in touch with Kirit Patel, Dipak Patel, and Rashna Hackett (Jiwany)

Once again congratulations on an excellent web site.

Extract ID: 5724

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Lynne Western
Page Number: 2008 06 14

Mbeya School 1958 to 1960

It has been a delight reading so many similar memories from Mbeya School, which I attended from late 1958 to 1960. My best friend there was Ingrid Tanner, with whom I am still friends. My brothers Martin and David Western were at Kongwa and then Iringa. I remember Mr, Morgan well, an excellent teacher. I was in Stanley House and remember living in fear of our matron, a dour Yorkshire woman, Miss Dooley, whose manner hid a kinder heart than I realised at the time. Like other my memories comprise the dinner drums and the river gardens, where we planted a tree each to celebrate Prince Andrew's birth!

I am now teaching in Cheshire, in a prison. I am sure boarding school prepared me for institutional life!

Extract ID: 5788

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Margrit von Ruckteschell Deman
Page Number: 2008 06 15

Frau Clara von Ruckteschell

Clara von Ruckteschell, born Clara Trueck-Basel was the wife of Walter Alexander Moritz von Ruckteschell, born in St. Petersburg , who was the Aide de Camp of Generalmajor Paul von Lettow- Vorbeck.

Source: Family papers of the von Ruckteschell family.

Extract ID: 5787

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Alaistair Ulyate
Page Number: 2008 06 16

From Kitale Kenya.Son of Henman and Molly

From Kitale Kenya. Son of Henman and Molly. P of Wales school. Any fam hist. thks

Trying to get more info on family and where we all came from

Extract ID: 5789

external link

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Peggy Ulyate
Page Number: 2008 06 19

Ulyate Extract ID 5479


I came upon this website by accident whilst looking for my late sister's children in Norway. Her name was Betty Figenschou (nee Ulyate) and she was married to Bjorn. They had four children namely Bjorn, Lynda, Sven and Annelise. I would be delighted to hear from one of them.


Peggy Ulyate

(I am Sven Figenschou's aunt and sister of his later mother Betty Ann Lydia Ulyate. I want to make contact with him and Bjorn his brother and sisters Lynda and Annelise. )

Extract ID: 5790

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Danuta Gareau (Jaworska)
Page Number: 2008 06 24

Researching Kidugala...Diane Winkler

My Mama and Babcia were Polish refugees who lived in Kidugala. My Mama had many wonderful memories of her time there. She often spoke of a book written by Father Lucjan Krolikowski. The book was titled Stolen Childhood. I recently read this book and found it very informative about the journey my Mama and Babcia took along with thousands of other Polish refugees. The book is about all the Polish refugees, not only those in Kidugala. You may find it beneficial. The book contains several pages of pictures.

Webmaster Note:

Stolen childhood : a saga of Polish war children / Lucjan Krolikowski ; translated by Kazimierz J. Rozniatowski.

Other Titles: Skradzione dziecinstwo. English

Author: Krolikowski, Lucjan, 1919-

Publisher: Buffalo, N.Y. : Franciscan Fathers Minor Conventuals, St. Anthony of Padua Province, c1983.

ISBN: 0969158807/ 0595168639

Description: xiii, 296 p., [32] p. of plates : ill., maps ; 22 cm.

Subject(s): World War, 1939-1945 Children.

World War, 1939-1945 Poland.

Poles Foreign countries.

Extract ID: 5791

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Dr Bernard Leeman
Page Number: 2008 06 25
Extract Date: 1993

Johannes Kinyala Lauwo

Kinyala Lauwo (1871-1996) was my inlaw and I interviewed him on video in 1993.

He said he climbed Kilimanjaro many times before he guided Hans Meyer. He said he had ascended nine times before he realised there was an inner crater. He also found the dead leopard but when I told him of Hemingway's book about it, he said he'd never heard of it.

The West German government built the house in 1989 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Meyer's ascent.

[2008 08 16]

Here is Kinyala Lauwo's family tree:



Aisere (brother was Kimemia)



Rawia (brother was Mkawo)


Kimemia's descendants were



Rawia's descendants were



Many children including Yakobo, my wife's father.

I haven't yet found the name of any of Kinyala's siblings. Most Lauwos are descended from Paulo's children. I have a more detailed family tree somewhere but haven't managed to find it.

Extract ID: 5793

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Jochen Spieker
Page Number: 2008 06 28

Nice to hear something about my friend Bertie von Mutius


I found with google and the words Molomo and Arusha Your website.

Bertie and I have been in school together in germany. It was a nice time and we had lot of fun. When I heard about Bertie's death, it made me sad, because we were like brothers.

Best wishes to everyone who reads this.


in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Extract ID: 5794

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Page Number: 2008 07 03
Extract Date: 1967 - 1971

Matthew Hopson - Arusha School 1966 - 1970

Well done in producing this site.

(re Kirti Jani - Arusha School 1966 - 1970 -Name of Riding Teacher)

Wondered who the riding teacher was. It could have been my mother Carol Hopson who did teach riding there during this time.I attended Arusha school with my sister, Emma and brother, Rupert from 1967 - 1971. My father, Guy Hopson after a time as DC in Mwanza stayed on and became a teacher at Ilboru School.

I have actually returned a couple of times from the UK; the last time bringing my own young boys who in turn sat on the the same old tortoise.

Now I know of your site it has inspired me to go though my attic and dig up my old reports photos etc.

All the very best


Matthew Hopson

Extract ID: 5795

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Susan and John Hall
Page Number: 2008 07 06
Extract Date: 1951-56

Searching Alice Brazier, Mbeya school 1951 to 1956

We are trying to find an Alice Brazier who was at Mbeya School 1951 to 1956 and wondered if anyone remembers her or know where she is now.

Extract ID: 5797

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Sandra Rose Finn (Nee Phryce -Jones)
Page Number: 2008 07 06

Information RE; I Ulyate

I was born 1949 in Kitale East africa.

Christened ST Lukes Kitale.

My God parents were P.W. Lawson and M.Lawson and I. Ulyate - is this a relative of yours and are they still alive ?

I am chasing up my family history of the Balsons and the Bennetts (Henry Alexander)

My family had a farm in Ruarka and had connections to Alan Tarlton , any information would be helpful for the above names.

Thank you

Sandra Rose.

[31 July 2008]

Regarding your feed back about my chasing my family history (Susan Wynn -Jones) had some article mentioning Eileen Rose Balson!

Or of anyone who knew my family in Ruaraka in the 1940's My grandmothers name was Rosetta Balson the farm was shared with Alan Tarlton, It was a snake farm.

Thank you

David for having such a great site"

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Robert Ojok
Page Number: 2008 07 08
Extract Date: 1979

The list of friends

Hi Al-Karim. Good to see that you are looking for all these people. Most of them were my friends though I left at the end of 1979.

If you try facebook.com you will find Eunice Bilal. Eric is in Uganda doing well. Should you get the contacts for Omani Hunt, Bachu, Sajeeda, Patricia Shango, Mao Lwangisa, Mohammed Jariwalla and any others do let me know.

Take care and good hunting


Hey bro Eric, I am alive and living in the Uk!

Eunice has probably told you by now that we have met and I will be meeting her again this coming weekend for a nice Ugandan meal in London!

I miss all our friends Kisamba and his sis Hanifa, Abraham and Isaac Molel and by the way I got in touch with Keith Ngulukulu!

And (28 July)

I just remembered a few more friends who left Arusha school when the East African community broke up.

Tom Ndeer

Simon Mwangi (who lived in Tengeru with me) Michael Kamya Robert Aaron And where is Ruge Mutahaba!?

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Carl Olaf Figenschou
Page Number: 2008 07 11

I am son of Lars Figenschou

Mr. David Marsh thank you for your site.

My father Lars Figenschou borned in Arusha June 09 1933 - November 11 1999, I remember him telling me about his life in Tanzania, The Daktari series filmed in my grandfather's farm (Lars Figenschou) and so many other stories that I hardly can remember.

My eldest sister Daphne lives in Nairobi, I am sure that she has more fresh stories about my father safaries.

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Brian Hoyle
Page Number: 2008 07 12

Clement Gillman

I came across your various entries re Clement Gillman by accident and thought I'd contribute. I am the author of a 400-page biography entitled 'Gillman of Tanganyika, 1882-1946: the life and work of a pioneer geographer', published in 1987 by Gower.

Some of your correspondents seem to know about this book (now out of print, but available in libraries). The book deals among much else with the naming of Gillman's Point. Gillman reached this point on the crater rim on 19 October 1921 and, although he did not continue to the summit,the climb was regarded as the first successful attempt on the mountain after it came within British territory in 1919.

Gillman later objected to the naming of the point, but actually rather liked it. It is, of course, Gillman's Point, with two lls. For further details see my book, pp 165-67, which includes a photograph of Gillman standing at the Point.

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Tom Lawrence
Page Number: 2008 07 15

Babault Family

There has been quite a bit of research on Guy Babault in Monty Brown's book 'RJ' about the professional hunter R.J. Cunninghame who took him out on safari.

I know that his grand-children from his son Rene still live in Kenya. I would be happy to see if I can locate them for you.

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Mary Hanrahan nee Connell
Page Number: 2008 07 19

Kongwa & Mbeya Schools

It has obviously been many years since I have visited the past. Not long ago I contacted Glyn Ford who put up the site on Kongwa School.

It is only now that I want to explain some of my childhood background to my children and grandchildren and find that a significant portion of that life for me and my brother and sister is missing.

I remember in my first year at Kongwa going into the Nissan Hut that was the dining room. I had a very broad Glasgow accent - told to eat porridge that a senior put sugar on - refused - told to eat - and was promptly sick - I only ate porridge with salt!! I also remember the polio scare when we were all confined and not supposed to play active games.

I remember playing building the stones - flatter the better - and knocking them over. Gee I'm getting old!!!

Some happy memory's. Wearing my nightgown to the school dance - it was made of yellow cotton with green trim in the princess style - what the fundis could make in Tabora. Mr Shuttleworth's explanations in latin and history - he tried to make it fun.

When I was older I swam in the school team and won a medal for diving - I played hockey (aggressively - I was short - still am, but have now hopefuly got over the 'short persons disease') Rembember the communal bathtubs (voluntary - somewhat - in later years fun pouring soapy water on concrete floors and sliding on it.

Please reply - I've had no response from my efforts to contact Kongwa ex pupils.

I don't know my brother and sister's experiences - we never seemed to have a chance or inclination to talk about them.

[My brother and sister attended Mbeya School on and off between 1952 and 1956. I attendede Kongwa between 1951 and 1956. Looking at both websites that I have found none of our names are mentioned. Can you tell me why?

Mbeya - Catherine Connell and William Connell Kongwa - Mary Connel]

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Sandra Finn
Page Number: 2008 07 20

info regarding Susan Wynn - JonesBailey

I am not sure if you can help me I am trying to track down Susan Wynn-Jones I believe that she might have known my mother Eileen Rose Balson. I am trying to gather family history.

I found her name on your site.

Looking forward to any news

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Christopher Nelson
Page Number: 2008 07 22
Extract Date: 1955

Christopher Nelson ~ Arusha School 1955

Thank you for organizing this site.

I was a student at Arusha School in l955 for the January term. Being the only American at the time, I was called Hank.

My family lived only 12 miles east of Arusha in the heart of Meru country on the old German Lutheran mission estate at Makumira, so I was a day student, often riding my bike home on the tarmac after hockey practise.

My father, Anton Nelson, a Californian, was hired by Meru Cooperative Union, a group of some 4000 African coffee growers. This unusual arrangement came about at the instigation of Kirilo Japhet, one of these Meru farmers. He is mentioned elsewhere on the site in connection with the Meru Lands Case. My father had met Kirilo and his lawyer Earle Seaton at the United Nations in New York City.

Our European neighbors were the two with homes on the rim of Lake Duluti crater, the Fosbrookes and Gladys Rydon, both mentioned elsewhere on this site. Gladys was an Australian coffee estate owner and her home in view of Mt. Meru was ringed with a most beautiful flower garden. I have a photo her pouring tea on the veranda. I remember one tea in which Kirilo was in attendance. Kirilo by that time had become a rising star on the political firmament in Tanganyika. Both these strong personalities were the epitome of gracious interaction.

At Arusha School I remember fellow students Ian Fosbrooke, John Coutividis, Mary Wechsler and her brother Stephan, all mentioned in the l955 school magazine lists.

It would be fun to see a list of teachers, some of whom I've forgotten names. There was 'Lanky' Johnson, Nature Study, Mr. Morgan, algebra, Mr. Jones, French (taught this American to say 'Yes, sir'), a lovely young lady in music class who taught us to sing 'The British Grenadiers'.

I took piano lessons from Mrs. Brewster and played in the end of term recital with Carolyn Pearson.

I was on top of Mt. Meru with Mr. Morgan and the other Arusha School children.

I was in Tanganyika for 7 years, before independence.

After Arusha School I was at American schools for missionary children.

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Kaidi Jones (Bowden)
Page Number: 2008 07 28
Extract Date: 1974-76

Arusha Primary School 1974-76

I love the messages from former students of Arusha Primary School! I know several of them and even have some pictures!

I was a teacher there for 2 years 1974 - 1976. My name is Kaidi Jones, at the time my last name was Bowden. I now live in Los Angeles with my husband and 2 sons.

I am probably one of the only African Americans to ever teach there(?) I remember Kirit Patel and have a picture of him on the large tortoise.

I remember Rashna and taught her how to do the New York hustle. I even sponsored one the the students, Abdul Adam to the United States. I also remember many of my collegues (including Headmaster Mlay) although the students stand out most in my mind.

I loved that school and all of the students. If any of the students would like to contact me, please pass along my email address. I would love to hear directly from someone.

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Davies Kaale
Page Number: 2008 07 30
Extract Date: 1992-98

Davies Kaale ~ Arusha School ~ 1992-98

Am one among the young generation who enjoyed been at Arusha school. Am the son of mr Kaale one of the early black teachers who join the school at late 70's.He his still strong. I have been at the school between 1992-1998.At recenty years sports and games have droped down,events like swimming galas are no where to be seen, the arts and music with out forgeting the program of assembly which was at Tuesdays. We as Aluminas have to do some thing so as to help returning the old and feverate events.

The up dates have been put above.If possible we should start an organisation of Arusha School members.

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Elizabeth Palfrey Russell
Page Number: 2008 07 30

Stuart Webb, Joan Webb

I was interested to read that Stuart Webb had visited Olmolog and his family's old farm.

My family lived up at Olmolog as well in the 50's and 60's and early 70's. I went to Arusha School at the same time as Stuart and my mother Gladys Palfrey, who lives in South Africa, was friendly with Mrs. Joan Webb.

I left Tanzania in 1960 and lived in the U.S. and Canada before moving to the Middle East and Australia. I live in Texas now but all my surviving family currently live in South Africa. My mother, Gladys Palfrey is in her mid nineties and still going strong.

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Lise Kullander, now Madden
Page Number: 2008 08 04
Extract Date: 1955 - 61

Lise Kullander, now Madden ~ Arusha school from 1955 till 1961

I went to Arusha school from 1955 till 1961. I have been looking at the site with great interest as there were so many names I recognised. I remember the tortoise which we used to sit on, and I remember the headmaster Mr Hamshire and June Ulyate, Susan Russell, Yvonne Karafiat.

Melody Purchase who used to live in Oldeani also the van Rooyen family and Beaumont family who lived in Karatu. I wonder where everyone is now.I was born in Oldeani and we lived on several Farrab farms where my father was a manager, oh and the Larsen family,Inge and Lise.

I hope this is the right site for the Arusha school alumni as I have been searching for it for ages.

Hope someone remembers me

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Jeffrey Tregarthen
Page Number: 2008 08 05
Extract Date: 1964-69

Jeffrey Tregarthen ~ Arusha School 1964-1969.

Hiya. Great site. Like everyone else that went to Arusha School it holds lots of fond memories and would like to hear from some old friends.

I went to Arusha School from 64-69 as a boarder. I remember the I was in North House ( we had the green shirts and blue shorts house kit), the school uniform of the green shirts and khaki shorts and school cap. I still have the Arusha school badge ! I remember the school play that was held in the school field of the 'Three Wise Kings' for all the parents during an open day. The three Roman Centurians on horseback being frightened and then horses bolted to the river by the school whereby the horse riders were attacked by a swarm of bees. One of the riders was called Randy ? And had a brother also a rider (american).

Remember the midnight pillow fights between the two houses north and south! My best friend then was Alan Angelides (He was in South, used to call him 'Bangeekookoo' !), I also remember Joleyne Van Veur Heusen ( my first girlfriend there). Still have her photo. Wendy Carter, Carl & Lalle Eckman, Charles Kahama, David Glen,Freddy Ringo to name a few.

I remember also the huge Vine Tree by the Sports field which we all climbed and fell from !!! The Oak Tree trunk on its side that you could crawl into - those games of kiss catch !

My dad also went to Arusha between 1942-1944 (Marie-Pierre Tregarthen), then went onto Mpapwa College to do a 3 year Vet course with two others ex Arusha Mickael Hickson and Jimmy Miller.

My mother also attended Arusha School (1947-1952) as Yolah Maure (Along with her brothers and sister - Stanford (Stenie) Maure, Vernon Maure and Tessa Maure). My mum broke a lot of the school athletics records and her name should be on the School Boards. My mum then went onto Kongwa School.

There are so many other things I remember of the school like the lining up for school dinners (always loved the fish pie), the swimming pool, athletics and all the sports we did, school plays (remember I was the butler in you guessed it 'The Butler Did It',small part come on at the end and said 'It was me' ! Music lessons - hated them, escpecially the teacher !

The end of term School awards where if you did well during the term you were called up on stage and received awards from the school of Books (With the Arusha School Star Label inside it for whichever subject it was for). I still have those books, not many mind you !!!

Qiuck update, 49 this year, been married for twenty years s and have two daughters. Work in Shipping.

All the best / Jeff

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Date: 05-Aug-2008

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Daniel Von mutius
Page Number: 2008 08 07
Extract Date: 2008

momella, sanya juu and arusha

I have just read the msg left by Charles Didham.

Nana and Bill Seitz are my grandparents. Unfortunately both of whom have passed away. They had 3 children, Barry, berti and Christa.

Barry and Berti (my father) are sadly both deceased. Christa is now living in henley-on-thames in England.

Barry married Johanna and they had one child Oliver. They both now live back in germany.

My Mother, Stephanie von Mutius, is currently living in england. Her familly the Pierre-nina's still resides in Arusha at oldonyo-orok lodge (now called 'Hatari Lodge') and ngaresero lodge in Usa River.

I would love to get in contact with anyone who knew any of the above mentioned people or anyone associated to them.


Daniel von Mutius

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Samuel Mponezya
Page Number: 2008 08 08
Extract Date: 1987-92

Samuel Mponezya ~ Arusha School 87 - 92

I am delighted and impressed with the information/history this web is rich in about my lovely Arusha School and Arusha as a whole.

I like to describe my days at Arusha School as the most memorable, the sports days the swimming galas, the visits to national parks e.t.c So much has been said of the lovely days that people had at Arusha School and its all positive, but an alumni will be much more positive.

My late mom (Mrs. Sarah Thomas) was a teacher there also, I aslo remember Mr. King, Miss Hughes, The Dalal's, Mr. Sawaki (My std 7 teacher) Sister Mrema at the sanatorium.

In June I got married and decided to take my Wife to see where I went to School, the grounds are in shambles and dilapidated, but the buildings are still in good shape, the architects and civil engineers did a good Job.

I would like to get in touch with the 87 - 92 class, as I still reside in Tanzania, I have only met a few since then. Congrats for the good work David.

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Melody Hainsworth
Page Number: 2008 08 15
Extract Date: 1969-1972

Photos from the 50's of the school

My husband and I were teachers at Mbeya Secondary School from 1969-1972 which is obviously after it became part of the public system. I was the librarian and English teacher. I have some very very old pictures of students, the dining room etc which I would scan and email to someone if you wish to have them for your history project.

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: John Truscott
Page Number: 2008 08 20
Extract Date: 1920's

Sydney Waller (old white hunter of 1920's Kenya), for Linda Costa

He was my grandfather. I have a few biographical details plus photos (maybe of his Ridgebacks!) and would welcome some info myself.

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Shaun Conner
Page Number: 2008 08 20
Extract Date: 1954

Oldeani Farmers express their fears

I have found an interesting newspaper cutting from a Kenyan Newspaper. They mention my uncle as being aged 59 so it must have been written in 1954. Its about the Oldiani farmers expressing their fears and worries about the Mau Mau troubles in Kenya, to the Tanganyika Governor, Sir Edward Twining. I had to scan it twice in order to get it all to you. If you are able to sort of put it together as it were I am sure it will be of interest, otherwise I could post it to you? When I have time I have a lot of things like this in amongst my Uncle's papers.

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Page Number: 2008 08 20
Extract Date: 1954

Oldeani Farmers express their fears - bottom part

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Gregor McCallum
Page Number: 2008 08 23
Extract Date: Oct 2005

Russell Bowker-Douglass

Wondering if it would be possible to give me the email address of Russell Bowker-Douglass as shown on your website. My wife and I met him and Wendy on Safari in Kenya in October 2005, and lost his email address. I this is not possible would you pass this message on to him so he may contact us if he wishes.

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Kshama SHORE
Page Number: 2008 08 25
Extract Date: 1930-73

Reference to 'two Indian traders' in Mto-wa mbu.

My father (K M Sachania) had a shop in Mto-wa-Mbu, where he stocked provisions for locals and for tourists (even cheese, chocolate and coca cola). He arrived in Mto-wa-Mbu (I think in the 1930s - as a young man and as many Indians did, set up shop in a hand-made corrugated hut), by the 1940s there was a proper bricks and mortar building which got larger as he married, and children came along.

He spoke several african languages and became a highly esteemed figure within the local community. It was a proud day when he was granted the 'caltex' Petrol Agency and a few years later the postal agency.

We left Mto-wa-Mbu in 1973 to come to UK, he sadly could not adjust to a life in a cold damp country and succumbed to a stroke and died after a long illness in 1986. He was survived by his wife and 3 daughters.

I am one of the daughters (youngest) and In 2008, I am returning to Arusha for a holiday almost exactly (27th September) 35 years after we left the country. I am looking forward to it and hope to share some of my thoughts with you on return.

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Murtaza Hasanie
Page Number: 2008 08 25
Extract Date: 1982

Murtaza Hasanie ~ Arusha School ~ 1976-1982

anyone who studied at Arusha School between 1976 and 1982 (class of 1982) please contact me [details given]



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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Lettie Crook, nee de Beer
Page Number: 2008 08 26

about: Reply: Stan Ulyate

I would love to know if Diana Nineham is the same person as Diana Ulyate who attended Kenya Girls' High. We were in the same class and Miss Marsh was our form teacher? If so would like to get in touch with her. Plse pass on my info to Stan.

Kind regards,


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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Lorna Kinnaird
Page Number: 2008 08 28
Extract Date: 1958-62

Saddlers of Forfar

Comments on your site: -

fantastic - well thought out and easy to follow.

Saddler - Forfar Information:-

I am related to a Helen Gordon Fyfe (dau of William Fyfe andAnn Thom Lowson) who marrid Archibald Saddler,b.1891, Forfar; d. 1956, Forfar - they were married 4th June 1913, Forfar. They had Archibald Saddler, b. 1913,Forfar. Archibald Saddler born in 1891 was the son of James Saddler, Confectioner and Master Baker and Mary Saddler, m.s.Low. James had a sister called Betsy Saddler. The family lived at Honey Place, St James Road, Forfar. I am wondering if this is the Saddler family who owned and ran Saddlers Bakers in East High Street, Forfar.

Are you related to me?

Lorna Kinnaird

Edinburgh, Scotland

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Alan Balson
Page Number: 2008 08 31
Extract Date: 1961

Eva chasing a Leopard away with a broom

This was Viva Balson, my mother, married to Eric Balson. She was 1/2 German. She chased away a white coloured leopard off the dog, Roddy. The year was around 1961. The dog had it's throat ripped but survived. This incident actually happened and the leopard was prowling on the roof of the house before this incident.

Bill Moore Gilbert sewed up the dog. A trap was set with a goat, but the bait was never taken.

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Chris Stylianou
Page Number: 2008 09 05
Extract Date: 5 Oct 1946

Clement Gillman

Clement Gillman is buried in the Moshi Cemetery as to is my Godfather Christopher Kikkidis His inscription on his tombstone is a inspiration.



26th NOV 1882 - 5th OCT.1946

Who lead a commonsense and therefore happy life because he stubbornly refused to be bamboozled by his female relations.

By his scientific friends and the rulers Spiritual and secular of the society into which without his consent he was born

With his permission I too would just a spirited tombstone.

PS, a few days later.

As a matter of interest the Grave, as with the rest of the grave yard, with the exception of the South African war graves is a shambles. I will admit I haven't been to Moshi for a few years now so maybe things may have changed who knows.

The grave yard has huge historical significance as the first person to identify Tanzanite as a Gemstone Manuel D Souza of Goa is also buried their.

Great inscription.

I've just been looking at his biography, and see no reference to the grave.

But it says that he died on a flight from Dar es Salaam to Moshi - "with his pencil in his hand and his notebook on his knee, within sight of Kilimanjaro, the mountain he knew so well."

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Jackie LITTLE / WARE
Page Number: 2008 09 11
Extract Date: 1950's

Mbeya schoool around 1957 1960

I went to Mbeya and have many pics when Mark Morgan was there in the 50s, am trying so hard to contact anyone who is in touch with Michael or Nick Hutton, or David Cadwallader. We had surname WARE and LITTLE (Kitty is my sister) - we lived in Dar.

I am so thrilled to read about other people who were at Mbeya School when I was - I am trying to find some people - how do I reply to anyone please? I wanted to find the Hutton boys, David Cadwallader and write to anyone who is interested - I was in Wallington House, Mbeya Kind

I have photos of Mbeya School around 1955 - some of the wonderful fancy dresses too ! Wondered if anyone in touch with Huttons, Nigel Proctor, Gobi sisters ?


Extract ID: 5811

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Edward G. David - ['Ted']
Page Number: 2008 09 17
Extract Date: 1949-51

Edward David - 1949-1951 - travelled to [Arusha] school from Kigoma and later from Dar-es-Salaam

Oliver Cordell recently 'enlightened' me regarding the Arusha School website".. Very interesting - but regretably very few alumni reporting !!!

The website instructions are not very clear - maybe I am missing something - so please confirm that this is the way to send you my school 'information' for the website??

I attended Arusha School from 1949 to 1951 - and have very happy memories. Then I attended Prince of Wales and subsequently went to London to complete my studies.

Previously, my brother Werner and sister Annalise also attended the school.

I recall that beautiful Suzanne Franzel joined the train from Kigoma at Uvinza on our way to Dodoma - and the long, arduous and dusty 275 mile trip by Tanganyika Railways bus that climbed the very steep and dangerous escarpment at around Kondoa Irangi [memory!!!] en route to Arusha"..!!!!

I vividly recall the following names:

- The Ibsens from Tabora - one son is now a Bishop in Denmark

- John and David Dare - parents with the Salvation Army in Tabora,

- Royce Buckle

- Susan Wynn-Jones - now in Canberra, Australia. Susan & I won the 'Rasha-Rasha shield' in 1951.

- Diana Milner

- Michael & Pat Finnegan - Morogoro

- Michael Zibarras & his sister

- Johannes Pretorious

- Albert _______

- Elizabeth & Anne Palfrey

WOW! Now over 55 years ago - where did time fly??? Thank God every day for continuing good health!!

Would love to hear from OLDE rafikis - please contact me as noted below.

Regards - Mungu Utabariki!!

Ted David

45 Sutton Place South

New York, NY 10022

Tel: (646) 734-5780

Extract ID: 5817

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Jane Cawson (Holton)
Page Number: 2008 09 21

Wendy Sykes

I have not looked at your site for a while and its amazing - getting closer to getting in touch with Rosemary Goodman (now Peacock) does anyone have an email address for her please as I would love to get in touch again.

Also Wendy Sykes - I used to spend holidays with her and her family - do you remember me?

Memories of Arusha School are all coming back - wonderful days! Thanks

Extract ID: 5816

external link

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Jan Ooms
Page Number: 2008 09 23

Saint Michael's School, Soni

would appreciate if you mention the following website for the pupils of Saint Michael's School, Soni:


A good number of Old Sonians are now in contact with each other through the internet. Many also lived in northern Tanzania/Tanganyika.


Jan Ooms

Extract ID: 5815

external link

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Page Number: 2008 09 27
Extract Date: 1930's

Safari Hotel

photo is item for sale on www.delcampe.com on 4 Oct 2008

Postcard, 3.5 by 5.5", real photograph, Ex

Extract ID: 5814

external link

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Hazel Redgrave, nee Miller
Page Number: 2008 09 27
Extract Date: 1950's

Arusha postcards

photo is item for sale on www.delcampe.com on 4 Oct 2008

We've all heard of eBay, but have you heard of an American auction site: www.delcampe.com ? I bought some super postcards of 1950s Kampala there, and at present there are four postcards of Arusha, three of them from the '50s I think.

Thought you might like to take a peek. Kind regards, Hazel.

Thanks - and lots of stamps.

Copy of the New Arusha Hotel pc included here, and the Safari Hotel in the next extract.

Antique (Vintage) Original Postcard, Standard Size Postcard (3.5" by 5.5"), Real Photograph, 1920-1940s. Excellent Condition

Extract ID: 5813

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Hazel Redgrave, nee Miller
Page Number: 2008 09 27
Extract Date: 1950's

Beach Hotel, Lindi

I'm longing to find a photograph of the old Beach Hotel at Lindi. We used to go there on holiday from Nachingwea in the 1950s, but I understand it was demolished years ago. Can any of your readers help?

Many thanks and kind regards, Hazel.

Extract ID: 5812

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Paul Bolstad
Page Number: 2008 09 29

Osale Otango

I have just read a request from a Dr. Khan, whose father was a police officer in the colonial times. This request was for anyone who was interested in the case of the infamous criminal, Osale Otango, a Luo from Kenya who became an armed robber and terrorist in northern Tanzania, specifically Tanga region and ended up hiding from the police in the Usambara Mts, where I grew up. I do very vividly remember the Osale Otango case, and how we were all frightened to death of him until he was caught and killed ina gun battle with police. In fact, I wrote a story on the case for our school newspaper when I was about 11"

Please ask Dr. Khan to contact me

I was pleased to see Chris Nelson's feedback; I informed him of your website a few months ago after establishing contact with him after some years.

Extract ID: 5820

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Rosemary Ledermann Hall
Page Number: 2008 10 01

Stan Fourie

I have entered this site quite by chance and found a letter by a certain Stan Fourie who went to Arusha School and states that he and various cousins also attended the School many years ago.

I would like to ask Stan whether he is a relative of, or in contact with, Yvonne Fourie and Marlene Fourie and in the affirmative, whether he can forward their E-mail addresses to me.

Yvonne and Marlene who are cousins, also went to School in Iringa in about 1960 (but they are not on the contact list).

Look forward to your news,

regards, Rosemary

Extract ID: 5809

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: B Sinfield
Page Number: 2008 10 02
Extract Date: 1951-1954

Kongwa School 1951-1954

A friend of mine, Richard Bergner and his sister June attended Kongwa School from about 1951 - 1954 and would like their names added to the list of ex pupils.

Extract ID: 5808

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Paul Bolstad
Page Number: 2008 10 06
Extract Date: Nov 2007

2007 return to nTZ

In November 2007 I organized and led a return 'safari' of my family and two 'extended family' members to northern Tanzania. It had been 25 years since I left my job as a teacher at Enaboishu Secondary School in 1982 to return to the USA. It had been 50 years since my two sisters had been back to see the area where they lived as children in the Usambara Mountains. Included in our group were my two daughters, the oldest of which was born in Nairobi when we lived in Arusha(1975).

The story of our 'return to our roots' is told with pictures in the 2nd quarterly edition of the TANTRAVEL magazine, the official magazine of the Tazania Tourist Board and it is available free of charge at any of their offices.

We spent the first part of our time in Tanzania in Arusha reconnecting with old friends and co-workers and then proceeded to Usambara via chartered Toyota Coaster type bus. The highlight of our visit to Usambara was the church service at Vuga, the location of our ten year tenure between 1946 and 1957. The people there had known of our plans for almost a year and were well prepared for us. After a nearly three hour service, during which the four Bolstad siblings, plus daughters and spouses sang three Swahili songs we had learned as children, and I was asked to give a greeting from the family (in Swahili), we were treated to an African style lunch in the buildings of the former printing press which my father had managed and which now were being used as a combination retreat and conference center and Bible School. Many emotional tributes were heard to our parents, who all remembered well and were truly loved by the people of Vuga.

The rest of the safari was sight-seeing: Lushoto and the fabulous Irente view, the Maweni Lodge at Soni, and then to Tanga and Pangani on the Indian Ocean coast. After returning to Moshi for a Thanksgiving dinner, African style with ndizi na nyama, we were back in Arusha and off to the game parks to see the world famous animals. Ndutu Lodge, Ngorongoro, Serengeti, and Tarangire were on the agenda and many wonderful animal pictures were the result.

We continue to re-live the experiences we had last November and get together to talk about it, looking at our best pictures. Last August we gathered at our parent's gravesite and placed eleven stones and some soil we had collected from the church site at Vuga. We continue to savor the memories of those days long ago and the more recent days we spent there.

Paul Bolstad

Extract ID: 5829

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Malaika Feeley
Page Number: 2008 10 07
Extract Date: 1976-82

Malaika Feeley ~ Arusha School 1976-1982

I attended Arusha School 1976-1982. I do have many fond memories of the school. I just read what Joan Bugembi wrote about a few of her school mates and I do remember her very well, I hope she gets my email so we can communicate.

The best times of Arusha School were the times when we had sports day and swimming gala. I know I made lots of friends and enemies but it was all good. One had to win and accept loosing. I am now in New York with my family. I do visit Arusha often but I see Arusha School from a distance, I did run into Mrs Redding at the New Arusha Hotel enjoying her evening cup of tea.

My sibblings who also attended Arusha School are

Mary Feeley-Barth 1977-1983,

Christopher Feeley 1976-1984, Patricia Feeley.

David thank you for having this website to refresh our fond memories of Arusha School.

Extract ID: 5845

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Mr. Kaniki
Page Number: 2008 10 07
Extract Date: 2006

Arusha School's New Headmaster

Arusha School has a new Headmaster. After retirement of Mr.M.Kiduma 2005, Mr.F.Nkurwa who was the Second Master took the office as the Acting Headmaster from 2005 up to 2006; then the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, Headquarters posted the new Headmaster, i.e. Mr. Hamisi Kaniki who took the office from 2006 - to date.

Extract ID: 5848

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Dave Richards
Page Number: 2008 10 12
Extract Date: 1969-1971

Clary & Richard Palmer -Wilson

I was a boy pilot with Tim Air Charters in Dar-es-Salaam in 1969-1971 and spent a great deal of time flying tourists / hunting clients into Clarys camp in the Selous Game Reserve .

Fond memories indeed , especially when the Apollo 12 astronauts Bean , Cooper and Conrad managed to escape the worlds press on their world tour in Air Force 2 , and had a few happy days at the camp .

Clary always treated us pilots like sons , and we were pleased when Richard got his commercial pilots licence.

Lost track of them all in the 70s when I returned to Kenya which was my home from childhood to my 28th year .

Extract ID: 5851

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Paul M Kankula
Page Number: 2008 10 13

Chief Kankula - 1903, Company of Adventurers

It's interesting to note that someone so far away uses the same name that I do - Kankula. However, I doubt that we're related.

Extract ID: 5850

external link

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Pilar Tejera
Page Number: 2008 10 16
Extract Date: 16-Oct-2008


Dear Friends: I am pleased to send you the link to the website 'GREAT WOMEN TRAVELLERS OF THE 19TH CENTURY' (http://www.mujeresviajeras.com) , written entirely in Spanish, acknowledging your cooperation in its circulation, and in which can be found, a reference to your website : MAY SHELDOM page- (AFRICA)

Kind regards and congratulations on your splendid work.

Pilar Tejera

Extract ID: 5849

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Marie-Louise Nilsing (born Sandberg)
Page Number: 2008 10 20
Extract Date: 1955-1958

Kongwa European school from 1955-1958

I would like to come in contact with schoolmates from Kongwa European school during the period 1955-1958.

My sister Eva (*1946) and myself, Marie-Louise Sandberg (*1944) were the only pupils from Sweden.

Kongwa European School with 400 pupils,ages between 7 and 19 was represented from at least 26 different nationalities. I remember the names of the sibblings, Geraldine, Peter and Richard Hobbs, they moved to GB together with their parents,John (teacher at Kongwa)and Mary Hobbs.

Patricia Lane was the prefect of my boarding house, Livingstone. She left for USA. Hazel Beaumont shared the same house as me. Hazel left for New Zeeland.

It would be wonderful to share some memories together with schoolmates from this time.

Extract ID: 5852

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Bill Christie
Page Number: 2008 10 28
Extract Date: 1920's

Temi Coffee Estate

I am trying to find out information about Temi Coffee Estate. My grandparents from Scotland were I believe the owners in the early 1920's. They ran it for two years and when the London Dock strikes and a locust invasion hit they lost their investment and left. They had many stories of their brief time their and I was just in Tanzania but was unable to get to the Temi Coffee Estate because I did not know that it was still there until I got to Arusha but was on a very tight schedule. If you know anything of it or have any photos I would be most interested.

Extract ID: 5864

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Rupert Drake
Page Number: 2008 10 30
Extract Date: 1914-1948

Place name query

I have just found some brief notes my father made in the 1970's when talking to my grandfather about his movements with DeVenters 2nd Division in German East Africa during WW1.

One note says 'Tabora to Lake Nigiari' now where the heck is Lake Nigiari?

Secondly ' Ngen Goro - salt / soda lake'

If any of your learned readers can offer clues to these locations I would be most grateful.

Have been reading the site for several years and thouroughly enjoy it. Great stuff.

Extract ID: 5863

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Jim Aitkenhead
Page Number: 2008 10 30
Extract Date: 1958-1664

Jim Aitkenhead ~ Arusha School ~ 1958-1664.

I contacted you in 2004 and should really have added that I was at Arusha School from 1958-1664. There are many names listed in your site that I remember. We now live in central Scotland.

Extract ID: 5865

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Dr Bernard Leeman
Page Number: 2008 11 08

My father, William 'Tim' Leeman was an Ulster soldier who served from 1916 -1919 in the 4th KAR from Lake Victoria Nyzanza down through Tabora and Dodoma to Northern Mozambique. He then worked at Temi estates Arusha before going to live in Songea until his death. In the Second World War he was in Military Intelligence at Mikindani. He had a 1032 acre farm which is now Ugano Coffee Research station. I have many photos taken in the early 1920's of the Moshi-Arsuha area.

I moved to Kilimanjaro in 1968 and have a home at Ashira, Marangu. I was Chairman of the Kilimanjaro Regional branch of the Historical Association of Tanzania. One of my in-laws was Kinyala Johannes Lauwo (1871-1996 -sic), the first man known to have climbed Kilimanjaro. He was the guide for Hans Meyer in 1889 and Meyer named Johannes' Notch after him. In 1989 the West German government built Kinyala a house to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the climb.

Extract ID: 5868

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Alex (Sandy) Armet
Page Number: 2008 11 11
Extract Date: 1951-59

Info on Mbeya

I lived in and around Tanga during the years 1951 till 1959 and around the year 1954 started attending Mbeya. My sister Betty attended two years later. I remember Princess Margret visiting..the local Catholic priest, coming off his motor bike, I remember the long dining tables, and also remember the man with the drum who let us know when it was dinner time.

My first fight was to confirm that I had first place in the meal line. I also had best friend called Peter".and I have no idea of his last name".but I still see us play fighting with swords on top of the airline steps as we wait for the DC10 to land and us to school. I remember being able to climb the Fir trees around the sports field and ..as boys will"We used to bank the timber bearers waiting for the bees to come out so we could swat them. We used to roller skate and I can remember playing rugby and loving it. Great to find this site..

Extract ID: 5890

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: John Desborough.
Page Number: 2008 11 13
Extract Date: 1988/90

Russell Bowker-Douglas

Just read about Russell Bowker-Douglas. Is this the same Russ that I used to fly with back in 1988/90 with Scottish European Airways? Last seen in Glasgow, 1990. If so, Best Wishes to you; you certainly get around.

Extract ID: 5889

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Alexandra
Page Number: 2008 11 14
Extract Date: 1920's

Bloom's, Selian History

I am working to document some history on Burka and Selian Coffee Estates. This includes the history of Bloom's Arusha Hotel, as this family went on to purchase part of what now is Burka Estates, The New Arusha Hotel, who had extensive contact with the Bloom family. I am also looking for any information on a Captain J.A. Hewer, who bought Burka originally, The origins of the Arusha Coffee Lodge and anything in between. Any letters, pictures, or just little facts would be of great interest to me.

Thank you for your help,

Extract ID: 5888

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Michelle Donaldson
Page Number: 2008 11 14
Extract Date: 1946-1949

The Tortoise at Arusha School

My Mother was a teacher at Arusha School 1946-1949. She lived at the school, myself and my sister used to play on the school grounds while she was teaching. I used to spend a lot of time with that Tortoise on the grounds. The Tortoise used to spend a all of his time by the big trees near the playing field. (of course the trees might not be there now)

Many times through the years I have thought of the Tortoise and how he is doing.

I hope someone can update me.

Extract ID: 5887

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Tasneem Gulamali
Page Number: 2008 11 24
Extract Date: 1988 - 1994

Tasneem Gulamali ~ Arusha School ~ 1988 - 1994

Thank you very much for doing this humble job of oppening the web site for the school which we all love n is clossest to our heart.

My name is Tasneem and I still live and work in Arusha. I went to Arusha School from 1988 - 1994 and these years of my life was the best. I was shifted to arusha school from another school and they put me in Mrs. Ngalianguwo class 1A and my journey started from here.

I am very happy to be part of the School and am glad and thankful to my parents for sending me to this school where I learned many things and what m I today.

I would be glad to be in touch with the people who finished in 1994.

By the way.. Next year is the 75th Anniversary of our lovely school

Thanks David n keep on with the good job Tasneem

Extract ID: 5907

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Mary-Lynne Stadler
Page Number: 2008 11 24
Extract Date: 24-Nov-2008

susan wynn jones, ferdinand reder, father joseph

A friend of mine told me that she had found reference to me here through googling my name. I can only think that it is my sister and I that is being referred to here.

My mother was Elizabeth Reder (later Stadler then Forbes). We lived in Tanga where she had a shop. One maternal uncle was Paul Reder and lived in Moshi,the other of my mother's brothers ended up living in New Jersey in the U.S. where he had an outboard motor business, but I believe he had been in the motor business in Africa before going to the U.S.

My grandfather was Ferdinand Reder and my grandmother was Ella. I am not sure when they first moved to Tanganyika, but it was early in 20th century. His brother fought against the British in the First World War, when Tanganyika was still German East Africa. He lived to a ripe old age, in Tanga. My grandmother is buried somewhere in the Usambara Hills.

My sister's name used to be Barbara - she has changed it to Sharina. She now lives in Hawaii.

I am, however, confused as I thought I had knowledge of all my cousins. William had three daughters, one of whom died young of leukaemia. I am in loose contact with his daughter Linda. I don't know where the third one is and I don't know about their children. Paul had a daughter, Pauline and a son, William. I think they are both still living in the U.K.I still use my maiden name and live in Cyprus.

I would be interested in making contact with Susan as it sounds as though we must be related. Her letters would be interesting and I may have some letters, notes etc to help her research. My father's name was Alois Stadler.

Extract ID: 5908

external link

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Josie Smith
Page Number: 2008 11 26
Extract Date: 1964 up to 1974

Paul White's Jungle Books in Spanish

Back in 1964 up to 1974 four books of the Series Jungle Books were published in Spanish in Argentina, with permission from Paternoster Press, London. These books have long been out of print and a missionary in south Texas is interested in having them printed to destribute free of charge. The publishing entity in Argentina doesn' exist anymore and we were wondering if the contract with Paternoster included a clause about the forfeteing the rights to publish if the books are out of print. The missionary, John Monk, doesn't want to move ahead without being sure he has the proper permissions.

Could you give me and e-mail address where I could get in contact with Paternoster Press in London? I'll appreciate any orientation you can give me.

Extract ID: 5909

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Andy Oliver
Page Number: 2008 11 30
Extract Date: 30-Nov-2008

Tanganyika Police

I have been researching details of my Grandfather through the first World War and discovered that he left the Army and joined The Tanganyika Police Force around 1925.

I do know that he died and was buried in Lushoto.

His name was George Olliver and I believe made the rank of superintendant.

Any information of his life in East Africa would be gratefully received.

Extract ID: 5910

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: John Goodman
Page Number: 2008 12 02
Extract Date: 1948-64


Hello David,

Just discovered one of your great websites - nTZ. I found it fascinating having lived in Tanganyika on and off from 1948-64 (Mwanza, Tabora (twice), Arusha and Dar (several times). Taught briefly at Soni (1961) and went to St Mary's in Nairobi (1949-60). It is an excellent, however, I have a couple of comments which you might find useful.

It is very well set up and the simple style excellent, once you get used to it. However, to the uninitiated it doesn't seem to have an obvious introduction ie 'home page'. I think this is a pity because I feel that some folks could come across the site and not having time to delve a bit deeper, could miss a lot and leave without contributing.

With some difficulty, I have now found what I think is the beginning - it's a bit like a treasure hunt and treasure it is! However, unless you have some very good reason (and maybe you have) it is a shame to miss those who, lacking persistance, might not have got so much out of it.

Not long ago, at the Edinburgh branch of the Britain-Tanzania Association we had a meeting in which members and friends were invited to bring along books about Tanzania and talk for a few minutes about them (this included some of the authors of same). An interesting time was had by all and one member has compiled a bibliography. If you are interested, let me know and I shall pass the information on - you may get some additions to the site.

I have a few books on Tanzania and in due course could let you have details if you wish. Some are quite old like the ones by the 'Hermit' from Rufiji, others booklets on game and the country published by such as Shell and one a classic entomology book by a famous tropical beekeeper (now in Australia but for many years in Tabora and Arusha).

The beekeeper has published several interesting books as has his wife.

I don't have the authors of all the books to hand as I write this, neither have I had a chance to see if you already have them listed.

Others are about school days in Tanganyika and Kenya, one quite recent - the publishers hope to produce a follow up and may be looking for contributors. In the mean time, keep up the good work.

Best wishes,

John Goodman

Extract ID: 5913

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Rob Hill
Page Number: 2008 12 02
Extract Date: 1959 to 1963

Mbeya School memories

Dear Victoria,

I too was in Stanley House from 1959 to 1963. Yes, I remember the shoe cleaning and playing jacks with peach stones. Also the kite competition. One of the fir trees was called Big Uggy. Do you recall the roller skating tracks through the woods were we pulled each other along using our belts. And the dams that we made when the rains came.

Do drop me a line. I have the Morgan archive of colour photopgraphs and some other pictures.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Rob (then known as Hilly)

Extract ID: 5912

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Rajesh Reghu
Page Number: 2008 12 02
Extract Date: 1979-80

Rajesh Reghu ~ Arusha School ~ 1979-80

I studied in Arusha School during 1979-80 which my father was on deputation to the Tanzanian government. I was in my 3rd and 4th.

Mrs Enock was my class Teacher in 4th where I passed out top of the class in 1980.

Does anyone remember David Bodin, Khuzema Tyabji, Rahul Guharoy, Hitesh Modi, Rashmi Jha ?



Extract ID: 5914

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Rob Hannath
Page Number: 2008 12 03
Extract Date: 1963-67

Get in touch

I was really excited today to find a website with an entry from Stan Fourie, who went to Arusha Primary. I went to Secondary School at Marandellas High with Stan and spent many happy school holidays with him on his parents farm in Beatrice, walking near the dams and shooting Guinea Foul.

Please put this up on website in the hope he will contact me. You have my email and are welcome to give it to him.

Extract ID: 5916

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Edward Joffe
Page Number: 2008 12 03
Extract Date: 03-Dec-2008

Siedentopf Brothers

I've only today checked for any response to my query about the brothers and I'd like to thank you somehat belatedly I guess, for your note.

When I visited the crater over 50 years ago I was told that the brothers had built some sort of castle in the crater and sat on the stoep shooting wildebeest and canning the tongues for German gourmets"

When WW1 began one brother reputedly returned to Germany to join the flying corps after which he returned to Africa as a pilot for the German army. Then he tried to land in the crater killing himself in the process. Do you know if any of this is true?



Extract ID: 5915

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Roger Goodwill
Page Number: 2008 12 04
Extract Date: 1956 / 1957

Mbeya School

I was at Mbeya School around 1956 / 1957 - Stuart House I think (the Blue one?) - fond memories indeed. The valley gardens and Sunday walks into the bush - I can still recall the sound of the generator up on Mbeya Peak (radio beacon I think)

We were stationed in Iringa at the time - a 3 day bus ride to Nairobi when parents moved - on the old EAR & H buses (girls in the front, boys in the back on wooden seats)

Would like to get in touch with Judith Ward if possible - we were also a Barclays family - frequent postings meant 13 schools in all - Mbeya a fond one. Now in Australia

Great Website !

Extract ID: 5918

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: John Saddler
Page Number: 2008 12 04
Extract Date: 04-Dec-2008

Lorna Kinnaird re Avril Saddler (extract 5821)

I am the son of James Saddler who was the eldest son of Archibald Saddler and Helen Fyfe. My father was born in September 1913 and died aged 83 in 1996. We are not a tight knit family but I do know something of the family history and can probably put Laura Kinnaird in touch with or on the track of some of its surviving members. I'd also be interested in learning more about Laura's connection to Helen Fyfe, my grandmother. I don't know anything about the Saddler's mentioned in this website - John, Avril etc - but I would be interested to know if there is a connection to my family in some way. I have never heard mention of it but it would be interesting to explore that thought.

Best wishes

John Saddler

Extract ID: 5917

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Hugh David Morgan
Page Number: 2008 12 07
Extract Date: 07-Dec-2008

Bishop Wynne Jones

Bishop Wynne Jones was my grandmother's brother. I have a vague recollection of him holding a service in our home in Swansea circa 1949 when I was about 4 years old. I would love to contact his children whom I believe went to Australia after his death. If anyone knows of their whereabouts please fell free to pass on my email address.

Extract ID: 5920

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Michael Rothbletz
Page Number: 2008 12 09
Extract Date: 1960's

Hello to you All

I stumbled across this site and all the ex pupils of Arusha School of which I am one.

I would really like to try and get hold of some of the folks mentioned but not sure how it all works.

Have noticed my name come up on the odd messages on this site and wonder how I can go about linking in with these folks ? I refer to Pat Green / Logan Steiner (ID 2428)and James and Stewart Aitkenhead ??

Thank you for your input and efforts

Extract ID: 5921

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Lolly Van Staden (nee Ulyate)
Page Number: 2008 12 11
Extract Date: 1963 - 1968

For Jeffery Tregarthen

First off I have a new email address as above.

Then for Jeffery:Hi there Jeffery . Cant place your face but I was at Arusha School 1963 - 1968. I remember the bee incident as at it was the school nativity play held on the sports field. Randy Rudolph was a Roman sentry if I'm not mistaken. His brothers were Rodney or Robert & Richard.

Do you remember Richard Hatter? He was in North House with you & roughly same time, ask David to pass on my new email address as I am looking for lost friends & I know Richard is also.. Do you remember any other girls e.g. F" McIntyre, Linda Rowland, Nicky Ghaui to name a few?


Lolly" I was Elizabeth Ulyate at school.

Extract ID: 5923

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Peter Rowland
Page Number: 2008 12 11
Extract Date: 11-Dec-2008

George Taylor

George & Audrey Taylor - Mbeya and Arusha Schools. I was at school with them at both. George may recall going halfterm to Jan van Rooyen's in West Kili.

Have been in and out of Tz over the years and now live not far from Ifunda on Ngwasi lake. Work in the Mbeya area and have had the opportunity of seeing the place - much the same but surrounds are built up. Rugby pitch is a railway station.

Extract ID: 5922

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Sandra R Finn
Page Number: 2008 12 14
Extract Date: 1940's


Has anyone heard about this family Uliyetts I am wondering if anyone ever met them or their aunt Olive Bramble.

I am putting together my family history.

May I add this is going back to the 1940's Thank you Sandra

Extract ID: 5924

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Bruce Fuller
Page Number: 2008 12 15
Extract Date: 15-Dec-2008

R. De la Bere Barker

Also used the name Ronald B. Delabere (and variants).

He was a New Zealander and wrote a book 'Rufiji' about live in Tanganyika. He dedicated it to Clement Gillman. I am currently researching Ronald Delabere and would like to know if anyone can give me any details. He was also known as the Hermit Hunter of Rufiji.

Extract ID: 5925

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Emanuel Martin
Page Number: 2008 12 16
Extract Date: 16-Dec-2008

Lions in Arusha National Park?

I have read through your webpage, and became attracted with the information especially the one related to farming and wildlife conservation activities in Arusha region during the pre independence era of Tanganyika. However I would like to ask you if you have any knowledge regarding the presence of lions in the current Arusha National Park and the surrounding areas. In case your answer is Yes, I would then kindly request you to fill in my questionnaire which I will send it to you after receiving your email address. Otherwise, I am a student doing a research on finding factors regarding local extinction of lions in Arusha National Park.

Thank you for your time and considerations!

Extract ID: 5926

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: James Sanders
Page Number: 2008 12 22
Extract Date: 1955

Sao Hill

My mother and father (John Sanders) managed a farm called I think Turferu Farm near Sao Hill from about 1955. I believe they worked for a couple called David and Barbara Ricardo. Mum didn�t really like the life and bought my brother and I back to England in 1957. Any news or feedback would be great! Thanks James Sanders

Extract ID: 5927

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Gerald Manikam
Page Number: 2008 12 22
Extract Date: 22-Dec-2008

The building with the Mountain backdrop.

The mountain most likley in your picture is Mount Meru.

Extract ID: 5928

See also

nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Erika Roe
Page Number: 2008 12 24
Extract Date: 1955 to 1970


Africa in common

Hi.we may be linked.my sisters went to arusha school then onto Loretto in Nairobi. Parents farmed tea near Njombe up to 1970. I was born 1957 so you must be older than me". Writing about african life.? Also want to do the same one day. Now farming proteas in Portugal. My sister Sally may know Rosemary Goodman.. Did she go to Loretto?.Or maybe Philippa, my other sister??.Anyway, family life started in Kenya and then we lived in Tanzania up to 1970 but never really felt 'at home' in England. Once an african, always an african.. Ok. Hope to hear from you on email to share common memeories . Salaam Erika

Connections Tanzania

My family lived in Kenya/Tanzania from 1955 to 1970. Peter and Eileen Roe. Tea farmers near Njombe.6 children, arusha school and Loretto in Nairobi. Without a doubt we have friends in common and Alan sykes is a name I am sure I have heard my father mention.. Please feel free to email me direct. Hope to hear from you.Erika Roe

Jack Allen

Hi. My parents lived in Kenya/Tanzania from 1955 to 1970, first for East African Agricultural Board and then tea farmers.My fathers stories include Sao Hill and he may even have known Jack Allen. I will ask him.I am sure we have a lot in common, so Please feel free to contact me directly on my email. Erika Roe

Mbeya school

Hello Peter Smythe, I am wondering if your family knew of my family.. Tea farmers, Peter and Eileen Roe? Lived in Kenya/Tanzania from 1955 to 1970.??

What a powerful hold Arusha school has over us all!!

Message: Hello Wendy. I am sure, as in other links on this site, that we have a lot in common, if only the amazing childhood we all share. I would really like to get in touch with anybody who lived in east africa. I have a sneakey suspicion that my parents knew Allen Sykes?? Does Eileen and Peter Roe ring a bell.. They have such a huge list of names they constantly mention in their african stories. Anyway, I would really appreciate hearing from you and direct to my email if you like. Hope to hear from you. Erika

What a hold Arusha school"

Forgot to mention.. My father also farmed Pyrethrum!!

Lolly van Staden

FINALLY a name I know VERY well". LINDA ROWLAND!!! I am delighted to tell you that Linda and I knew eachother when we were girls. I lived with my parents in Lupembe and visited Njombe frequantly. I do not keep in touch with her now but she is in south africa and her brother Mark is in tea in Njombe area.I plan one day to visit them both. I can get conntacts as we are still in touch with her mother Jean" also know Jill Watson, a good friend of Jeans. So. Lots to catch up on. Please contact me direct on my email.

Look forward to hearing from you.. Would you recal my sisters, Sally and Philippa?

Bart Moore-Gilbert

My father, Peter Roe, may have known your father. I will ask and get back to you.

Lolly van Staden..page 2007 06 11

message: Message for Lolly. I can give you a contact for Linda Rowland. Our families knew eachother in Njombe. Linda is now in S.Africa. Her brother Mark is managing a tea estate in Njombe. Please contact me direct on my email. I look forward to hearing from you. Erika


I don�t think I am using your site in the correct way.. I would like to contact some of the names I come across with whom I believe I share something in common. So I will look at the site more carefully and correct my error.

Thank you for this site. It will help me in my search for a connection to my past. Have a great Christmas.

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Extract Author: Bob Verini
Page Number: 2008 12 25
Extract Date: 1960s

'Serengeti Shall Not Die'

Hello! Very interesting website. I am fascinated with East Africa.

I could have sworn that I saw the documentary 'Serengeti Shall not die' on local (NY) television in the 1960s, but other than one showing at the Motion Picture Academy -- during which I was out of town -- I can't seem to catch up with it. Would you have any information on its DVD or VHS availability?

Many thanks --

Bob Verini

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nTZ Feedback, 2008
Page Number: 2008 12 30
Extract Date: 30-Dec-2008

FR. Noppinger


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