F.J. (Frank) Anderson

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Fosbrooke, Henry Ngorongoro: The Eighth Wonder
Page Number: 110

Monduli Farm

.. .. the late F.J. (Frank) Anderson, an enterprising Australian who developed a first class farm producing coffee, seed beans and flower seeds at Monduli and was for many years active in politics as a Member of the Legislative Council. Whilst the farm was being built up, Frank Anderson, ably assisted by his daughter Patsy (now Mrs. Wright - still living on the farm at Monduli) took up wildlife - and particularly lion - photography as an interesting and profitable sideline. I remember sending a striking portrait of a lion to my parents in 1934 as a Christmas present.

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Photos in the brochure

Photos in the brochure (by Frank Anderson) include Lion, Lake Balangda, Giraffe, Buffalo, Masai warriors

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Marsh, R.J. and E.P Safari Diaries
Page Number: 13
Extract Date: 1955 August 5


We left them [Ulyate's] about 2.30. We kept to the road at the back of the farm to find our way over to the next of the Essimingor farms, owned by Anderson of Monduli and managed for him by Brian Hayward. I saw young Hayward, and stopped with him for a short chat. [about confirmation].

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