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Marsh, R.J. and E.P Safari Diaries
Page Number: 12
Extract Date: 1955 August 4


We got under way in good time with breakfast, and then went along to the Karatu dukas before leaving at 9.30 for a day�s visiting of the farms.

First we called at Jimmy Gibb�s - almost opposite the Karatu dukas, about three miles off the road. He showed us over his farm - coffee (which is doing very well everywhere in Oldeani this year, nearly ready for picking, and looks a bumper crop), maize and wheat (this has failed nearly everywhere, through rust, a wheat disease. The Tisdall�s have written all their wheat off). Gibb is now irrigating his coffee by overhead piping, and giving a regular and uniform spray over a wide area. He taps his water from a stream at the top of the farm, about 6,000 ft. up, near the forest reserve. This has a drop of 2-300 ft. to give him his pressure. He took us up to see the dam he had made at a waterfall. His men had carried all the cement etc. required for this and we followed the path up through the forest which they made. There were evidences of large animals around, though not very recently! The last lap was up a sheer scramble, and Paul hedged at first and almost refused to go further. However we made it and got up to the waterfall, now dry because of the dam, though Gibb opened up the sluice for a while to let the boys see the water drop down over the fall of about 60 ft.

We then went on to Beaumont's, where we had lunch. He is on his own at the moment as his family are still in England. We met his next door neighbour who came over after lunch [Haman]. Coming back on main road, called on Aston and had a long talk with him. Then called at Lutheran Mission before going over to the centre area of Oldeani again to call on the Braunshweig�s and then the Notleys on way down. Returned to Karatu by about 6.30.

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