R.J. Cunningham

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Turner, Myles My Serengeti Years
Page Number: 028
Extract Date: 1913

The first really detailed account of the Northern Serengeti

The first really detailed account of what is now the northern extension of the Serengeti was written by Stewart Edward White, the America hunter. White was determined to penetrate westward beyond the Loita range, and in 1913, accompanied by A.J.Cunningham, another well known hunter, he set out from Nairobi with thirty porters and twenty donkeys

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Amin, Mohamed; Willetts, Duncan and Marshall, Peter Journey Through Tanzania
Page Number: 130
Extract Date: 1913

Serengeti's first European hunters

The Serengeti's first European hunters arrived in 1913. S. E. White and R.J. Cunningham organised a safari and found the wildlife plentiful, especially the lions, although they saw no elephants.

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