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Christ Church News
Extract Author: R.J.Marsh
Extract Date: 1957

Twenty-Five Years and More

Which comes first Church, Chaplain, or People?

Well, In Arusha, the answer is People, for church records show that as early as 1925, some 7 years before the consecration of the church, there was a church committee of lay members only with no Chaplain. The chaplain, the Rev. J. C. Dunham, was not to arrive until some time in 1928, and the completion of the first part of the church was not accomplished until September, 1932.

A tremendous amount was owed in those early days, and still is owed, to the generous giving of Miss Violet Drysdale, a friend of Arusha in England, who provided much of the money for the building of the church and the provision of some of its furniture.

Early reminiscences.

In 1929 plans for a temporary church building were proposed, but it was decided 'to suspend building operations until the Railway reaches Arusha'. (Church Council Minute). The Rev. J. S. Dunham continued as the first chaplain In the Northern Province until after the building of Christ Church In 1932. He was succeeded by the Rev. H. S. Kidner, and then later by the Rev. Wynne Jones, headmaster of the newly formed Arusha School, who was eventually to become a much loved Bishop of Central Tanganyika

In 1935 the Rev. W. A. Cross was inducted to the 'Kilimanjaro Chaplaincy' by Archdeacon Briggs, and served in the Northern Province for four years. Among the many popular (!) items for debate by the Church Council in those years was the problem of the church roof. Present day members need little reminding that we still have the roof (and its problems) with us!

Tell us what you know.

We hope that in the coming months it will be possible to relate more of the events that have taken place in these first twenty five years of Christ Church. However, our church records are not always complete, and we are sure there are many interesting matters left out. If you have any reminiscences of earlier days connected with Christ Church, Arusha, please write to us about them, and if possible they will be published. Any information should be sent to the Editor, Christ Church News, P.O. Box 263, Arusha.

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