Jane Fosbrooke

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Fosbrooke, Henry Ngorongoro: The Eighth Wonder
Page Number: 178
Extract Date: 1934

East rim road to northern highlands

East rim road to northern highlands. [in 1934] there was no road along the east rim - I only constructed it in 1940, though, ... I was looking for an alignment to take a road to the northern highlands as early as 1934,'

Later, Jane Fosbrooke records the return trip from a cattle auction in the north of the crater, to Lerai.

'.. the men arrived from their long tramp. They had walked over twenty miles along the western rim, scrambling up and down gullies. It was very rough, and they decided it would be too difficult to make a road along this side, it would be better to try the eastern side first. Henry's feet were a shocking sight, raw with blisters. We gave them liquid in every possible form - tea, water, whisky and fruit juice, and they lapped it all up, and asked for more'.

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1951 Publishes: Ginner, Phyllis; Fosbrooke, H.A; Leakey, L.S.B; Fosbrooke, Jane Tanganyika Rock Paintings: A Guide and Record

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