George and Lory Frame

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1981 Publishes: Frame, George and Lory Swift and Enduring: Cheetahs and Wild Dogs of the Serengeti
Extract Date: 1981

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Hanby, Jeannette & Bygott, David Ngorongoro Conservation Area
Page Number: 84


We wish to thank in particular the Conservators of NCA with whom we have worked over the years: Mr H Fosbrooke, Mr A Mgina, Mr. S.ole Saibull, and Mr J Kayera.


early on our interest in and knowledge about Ngorongoro was greatly enhanced by . . . . George and Lory Frame,


J.ole Kwai and Tepilit ole Saitoti have helped us in our research and also to understand the Maasai people of the area.


Felician Baraza and Sebastian Chuwa, knowledgeable in general and experts on plant life in particular have been extraordinarily tolerant of our questions over the many years that it has taken to answer them!


The first publication of this book (NCA guide) was facilitated by our ever-helpful friends Walter Bgoya, Per and Margaret Kullander, Aadje Geertsema, Deberah Snelson, and Neil and Liz Baker

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Helmut Epp
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Researching George & Lory Frame

I wonder if you have come across any other books or articles by George & Lory Frame.

I have the one they published on cheetahs & hunting dogs.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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