Gordon Harvey

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Turner, Kay Serengeti Home
Page Number: 039
Extract Date: 1959

Gordon Harvey

in 1959 a new house was built at Seronera for Gordon Harvey, our new Chief Park Warden, who had been living at Ngorongoro in charge of the Eastern Serengeti. Engaged by Parks a month before Myles, and senior in age, Gordon had had long experience of both administrative and field work during his years of government service. His artistic wife Edith, was the daughter of one of the first Europeans to settle in Kenya.

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Huxley, Juliette Wild Lives of Africa
Extract Date: 1960

to the warden's house

[to Seronera] We drove on to the warden's house. Mrs. Harver [sic] received us, and took us straight to the guest-house for a welcome bath.

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Allan, Tor Ndutu memories
Page Number: d
Extract Date: 1960's

East African Airways Sunday excursion package

I remember the two Bedford trucks they used. They were the ones used on the special East African Airways Sunday excursion package from Eastleigh Airport in Nairobi, bringing in weekenders for fun. The packages cost 180/- for the return DC3 flight, morning and afternoon game drives and lunch served by an EAA stewardess somewhere out in the bush. They arrived at about 8.30 in the morning and left Seronera at about 4.30. It was hugely popular. No problem with Customs and Immigration" we all just moved between the countries as we pleased then.

The tourists had their game drives in the Bedfords and one Land Rover, guided by my father, Gordon Pullman, Myles Turner or Gordon Harvey.

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Turner, Kay Serengeti Home
Page Number: 099
Extract Date: 1963

Sandy Field

Sandy Field, who replaced Gordon Harvey as Chief Park Warden

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