Patrick Hemingway

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Emil Karafiat (junior)
Page Number: 2005 02 23
Extract Date: 1950's

Researching Emile Karafiat

I was most excited to come across this website for one particular reason. My father, Emile Karafiat, was a Swiss Professional Hunter in Tanzania in the 1950s and early 60s. He died in 1964 at the age of 51. I was only 12 years old at the time. Meanwhile I have tried to find out as much as I possibly can about my dad.

In his little Safari Report booklet, in which he listed all his safaris, I came across a little handwritten entry, about 1961, with the name Pat Hemingway. Of course I am most curious to know whether Pat might remember my father in any way. My father was already very ill at the time.

Could you possibly pass this message on to Pat, requesting him to provide me with a feedback, or could you supply me with his address so that I might contact him? My sole motive is to try and fit together the pieces of a puzzle that might enable me to learn more about my father.

Many thanks in advance for your help. Emil Karafiat (junior)

I don't have any direct knowledge of Pat Hemingway, but I'll put your email on the web site, and maybe someone will come forward.

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Herne, Brian White Hunters: The golden age of African Safaris
Page Number: 202b
Extract Date: 1957

Tanganyika Tours and Safaris Ltd

Stan Lawrence-Brown, Dave Lunan's former partner, had set up shop at Arusha in 1957. Lawrence-Brown Safaris (Tanganyika) Ltd.'s main competitor was Russell Bowker Douglas, who owned Tanganyika Tours and Safaris Ltd.

Among hunters Russell's firm was affectionately known as Tanganyika Whores and Shauris Ltd. {shauri is Swahili for "ruckus" or "problem"). The firm's letterhead proudly announced, "By Appointment to H.R.H. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands." Prince Bernhard, or P.B - as he is popularly known in the hunting fraternity, went on four hunting safaris with Douglas. Russell recalled, "P.B. was one of the finest sportsmen I ever met. He liked to take photographs, and would only shoot if an outstanding trophy was found. He actually shoots very little, but he loves safaris!"

Russell was a well-liked fixture in the Tanganyika hunting community. He was as much at home with royalty as he was with rednecks. Russell's firm was staffed with a fine team of young professionals.

[T.T. & S. Ltd.'s hunters: Bob Foster (for a time}, John Fletcher, Anton Allen, Nicky Blunt, Pat Hemingway, Jackie Carlyon, Neil Millar, David Williams, Don Rundgren, Mike Dove. and Chris "Tiger" Lyon.]

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Herne, Brian White Hunters: The golden age of African Safaris
Page Number: 204c
Extract Date: 1957

Stan Lawrence-Brown's lieutenants

Stan Lawrence-Brown wasted no time in recruiting lieutenants. He had brought with him from Kenya a young and talented hunter named David Ommanney . Ommanney had worked for both Stan and Dave Lunan during their partnership, having begun his apprenticeship with them in 1952. At Arusha Jacky Hamman came on board, followed in 1957 by hunters George Six, Derrick Dunn, Brian Herne, Nick Swan, and, in 1960 a very good Kenya hunter, Mike Hissey, and Stan's brother, Geoff. On a casual basis Stan hired Douglas Collins, Lars Figgenshou, and, for a time, Greg Hemingway (youngest son of Ernest). Greg's older brother, Patrick Hemingway, was a hunter with Russell's Whores and Shauris, just down the road.

Lawrence-Brown also employed casual hunters and "stooges" Arthur Squiers, Bob Robertson, Royce Buckle, Bruno Crone, Jon Hall, and store manager Dave Turner-Dauncey.

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1991 Publishes: Johns, Chris and Hemingway, Patrick (Introduction) Valley of Life

He describes the theory that the Rift Valley was caused 65 million years ago by a meteorite (called the Apollo Object by Luis and Walter Alvarez).

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Johns, Chris and Hemingway, Patrick (Introduction) Valley of Life
Page Number: Sleeve-notes

Biographical summary

[Hemingway, Patrick] Son of the American writer Ernest Hemingway, was born in Kansas City in 1928. He spent many years in East Africa farming and running his own company, Tanganyika Tour Safaris. He also worked for 12 years teaching game conservation in Tanzania for the United Nations. He and his wife, Carol, now live in Montana.

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