Bwana Heri

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Extract Date: 1890

Armed opposition

Before the ink of the last agreement had dried, armed opposition in the German sphere was instant and relentless; it went on for nearly 20 uninterrupted years.

In 1888 at the coast, Bushiri bin Salim who had fought for years against the Zanzibar sultans, rose against the Germans and drove them out of all major coastal towns. Imperial Commissioner Captain von Wissmann stormed Bagamoyo in 1889 and captured Bushiri who was hanged in December.

Bwana Heri and his Zigua tribe continued resistance but, unable to withstand the German assaults, surrendered in April 1890. Unrest spread South and in 1890 Kilwa put up strong resistance under Hassan bin Omari Makunganya who was captured in May and hung from a mango tree in Kilwa Kivinje. Chief Machemba of the Yao defied the Germans also in 1890 and it took 9 years to force him to negotiate peace.

In 1891 resistance along the coast ended and in the wake of their reconquest, the Germans forced the Sultan of Zanzibar to sell his coastal strip for 200,000.

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