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Marsh, R.J. and E.P Safari Diaries
Page Number: 14
Extract Date: 1956

RJM Trip

RJM Trip:


Packed for safari and left Arusha, after calls in scholl and town, about 10 for Oldeani. Tarmac to 45 miles. Called on Holmes. Lunch at Ulyate, then across farms to Mtu was Mbu. Pushed on to Karatu. Called at J Gibb for tea. then Hargs and saw Angus. Met Jacksons (Lutheran) on the road, and reached Taylors up on ex-Sands farm, before 7p.m.


Out at 11, visited Purchases and van Rooyen. Afternoon very hot and returned to Taylors. Did not go out until after diner to Club.


No one came for 8am service! Engine of car a bit 'pinky', so Taylor and I had a go at carburator. Not cleared by 11.00 am so he took me to Club and then went back to see what could be done. Only Hargs and Paddy and 1 child came to 11 am service. Lunch at Taylors, left at 3pm. Straight back to Arusha by 6pm.

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Marsh, R.J. and E.P Safari Diaries
Extract Author: EPM
Page Number: 16
Extract Date: 1956 December 29


Packing up again. Easy drive to Mto wa Mbu. Saw warthog, ostriches and later baboons. Lunch 1.30 at Mtu. Boiled on escarpments three times and then had puncture within sight of Lutheran Mission at Karatu, where boys and I stayed with Jacksons. Bob on to Mbulu.

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