Colonel Peter Molloy

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Lindblad, Lisa and Sven-Olof The Serengeti; Land of Endless Space
Extract Date: 1956

when Turner and his wife came to the Serengeti

when Turner and his wife came to the Serengeti, Mallow [sic] was Director of National Parks.

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Turner, Kay Serengeti Home
Page Number: 094
Extract Date: 1957

Peter Molloy, and the Grzimeks

Peter Molloy, Director of the Serengeti Park, and able administrator, interested Professor Grzimek in the Serengeti, which proved a turning point in drawing it to the attention of the world.

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Turner, Kay Serengeti Home
Page Number: 154
Extract Date: 1958

The Grzimeks

Bernard Grzimek and his son Michael, were invited by the Board of Trustess, at their own expense, to carry out an aerial count of the plains animals in the Serengeti; to plot their main Migration routes; and to advise on the proposed new boundaries of the Park.

At first the Grzimeks had contemplated buying, as a game sanctuary, part of Momella in Tanzania - a beautiful farm, owned by a German named Trappe. The farm was set amongst forests and lakes at the foot of Mount Meru and overlooked Mount Kilimanjaro to the east. It was a paradise for game, and is now a National Park, 42 square miles in extent. Professor Grzimek sought the advice of Colonel Peter Molloy, the Director of Parks, who suggested that the money be used for a research project in the Serengeti.

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Fosbrooke, Henry Ngorongoro: The Eighth Wonder
Extract Date: 1960/1

of the Game Division

[Molloy, Colonel Peter] of the Game Division - 'indefatigable in their efforts to cope with this [rhino tusk] trade.

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