Captain 'Monty', V.C Moore

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Turner, Kay Serengeti Home
Page Number: 020b
Extract Date: 1931

Captain 'Monty' Moore, V.C

became Game Warden of the [Serengeti] sanctuary, following a Captain Arundell who built the headquarters at Banagi.

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Herne, Brian White Hunters: The golden age of African Safaris
Page Number: 158b
Extract Date: 1933~

Joining the Game Department

Iodine�s old army friend, Jock Minnery, had became game ranger at Arusha, and another of his friends, Monty Moore, was warden of the Serengeti. Iodine badly wanted to join the Game Department, something that was not easy to do in those days. "Coming from an admitted poacher," Iodine wrote, "this may sound like an American gangster saying that what he really wanted to do was be a cop. But I had primarily gone into professional poaching to gain experience in hunting as well as to be able to survive as a hunter. Having learnt all the tricks I would be invaluable to the department, as indefatigable in the pursuit of poachers as I had been in the pursuit of poaching. Only a slight mental readjustment was required, of outlook and intention."

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Turner, Kay Serengeti Home
Page Number: 015a
Extract Date: 1934

Audrey Moore

Meet Kay Turner in 1953. Her husband [Monty] had been a Game Warden in Tanganyika during the 1930's. They had once lived at a place called Banagi.

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Moore, Captain 'Monty', V.C letter from the Game Warden, Lyamungu, Moshi
Page Number: 46
Extract Date: 1942

rhino was killed by Mr. J. van Rooyen

The cow [Rhino] was killed by Mr. J. van Rooyen of Oldeani. It had been raiding on his farm. Unfortunately for him he was not in possession of the necessary licence and so the trophy became the property of the Government.

length of front horn, outside curve 47 1/4 inches - second largest world's known record.

letter with photos of rhino horns taken from animals killed in Tanganyika since the outbreak of war in 1939.

Cow killed by van Rooyen (qv).

Bull killed by a spear earlier in 1942, in the Ngorongoro country by a Mbulu herdboy. It was apparently disturbing his goats. This trophy also became government property.

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1947 Publishes: Moore, Captain 'Monty', V.C letter from the Game Warden, Lyamungu, Moshi
Page Number: 46

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Cooke, J One White man in Black Africa
Page Number: 062


Banagi was always a good place to visit. It was the residence of the game ranger responsible for the east lake region including the Serengeti, probably one of the finest wildlife regions in the whole of East Africa. The Banagi lion had been made famous by Monty Moore, a pre-war ranger who had half-tamed a number of lions by feeding them on carcasses towed behind a truck. A number of wealthy, mainly American, big game aficionados had thus been attracted to the area.

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