David Mwambele

Born 1921~

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Extract Date: 10/1/1997

David Mwambele

Cultural Heritage Limited

What is UJAMAA?

U jamaa means family tree or tree of life, and shows how
J ointly different members of Makonde Tribe survive & shows different
A spects of ways of life amongst the tribe,
M akonde Tribe the world famous, carves Ujamaa from one piece of ebony wood,
A rt, This form of art is passed from one generation to another and,
A ppreciated both locally and internationally.

David Mwambele is the carver of an Ebony Ujamaa Tree of Life carving bought from Cultural Heritage Limited. He was about 75 years old at the time. (Jan 1997)

The carving is representative of UJAMAA.

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