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Extract Date: 1963-67

Stan Fourie, Arusha School, 1963-67

Enjoyed looking through the Arusha School site.

Was a former pupil (1963 -1967).

My father was in the Vet. Dept and a former pupil of the school (1930s).

Various cousins as well as my elder brother and two sisters also attended. Great memories of the school (and the tortoise). Have still got an autograph book from that period which has a small painting by Joan Burnett (our art teacher), another by Sally Northwood (teacher) and Miss C DaCosta (Matron).

Some class mates included Robbie Sossi, Mike Rothblitze, Ivan Da Silva and the Ashdown twins (Gus and Andrew).

Returned to Arusha last year after 38 years and took my wife and young daughter to the school. The Headmaster (Mr Nkurwa) was very pleasant and helpful and allowed us to tour the buildings and grounds.

We were delighted to find the old tortoise still going strong! Took several photos but unfortunately the grounds/swimming pool were not well maintained but it was still great to do a trip down memory lane.

I was also pleased to meet George Angelides again as his parents and mine were very good friends.

Would like to hear from any body who may remember me or my family.

Kind regards Stan. Fourie

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1970 Publishes: Northwood, Sally and Poole, Jeremy (Illustrators) Arusha National Park: A Guide

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