Katrien Odendaal

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Stott, Chris Personal communication
Extract Author: Chris Stott
Extract Date: 1994

Katrien Odendaal

We also [in 1994] talked about a recent Channel 4 programme about a group of Boer Trekers Voortrekkers who pushed north from South Africa at the turn of the century and ended up 'in the shadow of two volcanoes', farming near Mt. Meru. At independence they left and moved to South Africa. The programme established a connection between the community now in South Africa, and their past in Tanzania, and in particular found one lady, a Katrien Odendaal, who had stayed behind and lived with the native Tanzanians. Chris recalled there being a monument beside the road near Namanga, commemorating the presence of the Trekers

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Guardian (UK)
Extract Author: Tim Adams
Extract Date: 25 March 2007

The dark heart of the new South Africa

Observer Magazine

He [Rian Malan] went to live up in Kilimanjaro with an old Afrikaans woman who had been abandoned by her 'tribe' for sleeping with a black man before the war, and for the past 40 years had lived in a mud hut on the veldt.

From an article about Rian Malan: "For years, Rian Malan has unflinchingly dared to say the unsayable about his native country, believing murder, corruption and disharmony will tear the rainbow nation into its separate colours. It's a conviction that has cost him his marriage and almost his sanity. Tim Adams travels to Johannesburg to meet the controversial writer"

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