Tepilit ole Saitoti

Born 1949

Tepilit Ole Saitoti is a Maasai who had some schooling, and eventually travelled to America and wrote his autobiography. At some time he worked for Myles Turner.

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1980 Publishes: Saitoti, Tepilit Ole and Beckwith, Carol Maasai

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Saitoti, Tepilit Ole and Beckwith, Carol Maasai

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Saitoti, Tepilit Ole and Beckwith, Carol Maasai

The Maasai coffee table book

The Maasai coffee table book; some photos are too much to take at reading distance. Exquisite but largely staged portraits of a vanishing culture (and even Beckwith's camera can't disguise the tourist souvenirs in the background). Variably interesting, chauvinistic text, which plays the cult value of the Maasai for all it's worth.

Roughguides Internet Bookreview 1996

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1988 Publishes: Saitoti, Tepilit Ole The Worlds of a Maasai Warrior

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Hanby, Jeannette & Bygott, David Ngorongoro Conservation Area
Page Number: 84


We wish to thank in particular the Conservators of NCA with whom we have worked over the years: Mr H Fosbrooke, Mr A Mgina, Mr. S.ole Saibull, and Mr J Kayera.


early on our interest in and knowledge about Ngorongoro was greatly enhanced by . . . . George and Lory Frame,


J.ole Kwai and Tepilit ole Saitoti have helped us in our research and also to understand the Maasai people of the area.


Felician Baraza and Sebastian Chuwa, knowledgeable in general and experts on plant life in particular have been extraordinarily tolerant of our questions over the many years that it has taken to answer them!


The first publication of this book (NCA guide) was facilitated by our ever-helpful friends Walter Bgoya, Per and Margaret Kullander, Aadje Geertsema, Deberah Snelson, and Neil and Liz Baker

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Arusha Times
Extract Author: Staff Reporter
Page Number: 367
Extract Date: 30 April 2005

Professor Saitoti vies for Ngorongoro seat

'Man of the Serengeti' says he's man of the people also.

Professor Tepilit ole Saitoti has come out in the open to declare that he is vying for the Ngorongoro Parliamentary seat in the forthcoming General Elections.

"My people want me and I know problems confronting my area", professor Saitoti told the Arusha Times when he visited the newspaper's offices on Tuesday.

Another contestant for the seat is Ole Timan who is the incumbent MP for the area and there are speculations that Ole Telele who is District Commissioner in one of the districts of southern Tanzania also wants that seat.

Professor Saitoti (not related to Kenya's former vice-president and now Minister for Education) was born in 1949 in a remote village called Olbalbal in Ngorongoro district.

An academician, backed by a strong and dazzling Curriculum Vitae, says that he is assured of victory because it's his people who want him.

Under his belt, Saitoti has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing which he obtained from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, US and a Master of Science degree in Natural Resources from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, US.

Professor Saitoti, widely known and respected in academic circles, is author of two best selling books "Maasai" and "The Worlds of a Maasai Warrior" published by Randon House of New York.

Previously he had a fellowship at the prestigious Havard University and has lectured extensively all over the world. His tour included the Royal Geographical Society in London, Museum of Natural History in New York and Copenhagen University in Denmark.

His star shone much brighter when he starred in two National Geographic TV special films namely "Man of the Serengeti" and "Serengeti Diary".

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Nancy Joan Fletcher
Page Number: 2008 02 27b

Tepilit Ole Saitoti where is he now and what is he doing?

Did Tepilit ole Saitoti get elected in 2005. Is there any thing I can do here in the US that can support what he is doing for the Maasai. I had an encounter with the Maasai that changed my life for the better and would like to do what I can to repay the great benefits I gained.

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: David Weaver
Page Number: 2009 02 28
Extract Date: 28-Feb-2009

Looking for someone from years back.

A long time ago, in NTZ, I met professor Tepilit ole Saitoti. I wonder if you might have information on his whereabouts, or email address.

Thank you,

David Weaver USA

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