Gordon Poolman

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Turner, Myles My Serengeti Years
Page Number: 018,19
Extract Date: 1957

Gordon Poolman joined us

In June 1957 Gordon Poolman joined us as Park Ranger Serengeti, with Connie, his wife. Gordon came from an old Kenya family and we had grown up together as youngsters at Nanyuki in Kenya. . . .

Gordon was an outstanding Warden, remained with us until 1963, when he resigned and went to live in England with Connie and their young daughter. Within a year he was dead from cancer.

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Turner, Kay Serengeti Home
Page Number: 089
Extract Date: 1960's

Gordon Poolman

was in charge of building operations in the Park.

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Lindblad, Lisa and Sven-Olof The Serengeti; Land of Endless Space
Extract Date: 1989

Poolman, Gordon

Poolman, Gordon . . . . . Colleague of Miles Turner

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