Thomas Spear

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1993 Publishes: Spear, T and Waller, R (Editors) Being Maasai

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Maddox, Gregory; Giblin, James; Kinambo, Isaria; Editors Custodians of the Land: Ecology & Culture in the History of Tanzania

has written histories

has written histories of Zwangendaba�s Ngoni, the Mijikenda (The Kaya Complex), eastern and central Kenya (Kenya�s Past) and The Swahili (with Derek Nurse), as well as editing (with Richard Waller) Being Maasai. He is currently completing a social and economic history of the Arusha and Meru peoples of northern Tanzania.

Formerly at La Trobe University and Williams College, he is now Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

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1996 1996 Publishes: Spear, Thomas Mountain Farmers, Moral Economies of Land and Agricultural Development in Arusha and Meru

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