J. van Rooyen

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1942 Publishes: Moore, Captain 'Monty', V.C letter from the Game Warden, Lyamungu, Moshi
Page Number: 46

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Moore, Captain 'Monty', V.C letter from the Game Warden, Lyamungu, Moshi
Page Number: 46
Extract Date: 1942

rhino was killed by Mr. J. van Rooyen

The cow [Rhino] was killed by Mr. J. van Rooyen of Oldeani. It had been raiding on his farm. Unfortunately for him he was not in possession of the necessary licence and so the trophy became the property of the Government.

length of front horn, outside curve 47 1/4 inches - second largest world's known record.

letter with photos of rhino horns taken from animals killed in Tanganyika since the outbreak of war in 1939.

Cow killed by van Rooyen (qv).

Bull killed by a spear earlier in 1942, in the Ngorongoro country by a Mbulu herdboy. It was apparently disturbing his goats. This trophy also became government property.

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: John van Rooyen
Page Number: 2008 05 14
Extract Date: 1952-1956

John van Rooyen ~ Arusha School 1952 to 1956

Jambo to all rafikis of the van Rooyen family of Tanganyika Packers (Van and Anna)

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Lise Kullander, now Madden
Page Number: 2008 08 04
Extract Date: 1955 - 61

Lise Kullander, now Madden ~ Arusha school from 1955 till 1961

I went to Arusha school from 1955 till 1961. I have been looking at the site with great interest as there were so many names I recognised. I remember the tortoise which we used to sit on, and I remember the headmaster Mr Hamshire and June Ulyate, Susan Russell, Yvonne Karafiat.

Melody Purchase who used to live in Oldeani also the van Rooyen family and Beaumont family who lived in Karatu. I wonder where everyone is now.I was born in Oldeani and we lived on several Farrab farms where my father was a manager, oh and the Larsen family,Inge and Lise.

I hope this is the right site for the Arusha school alumni as I have been searching for it for ages.

Hope someone remembers me

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Marsh, R.J. and E.P Safari Diaries
Page Number: 14
Extract Date: 1956

RJM Trip

RJM Trip:


Packed for safari and left Arusha, after calls in scholl and town, about 10 for Oldeani. Tarmac to 45 miles. Called on Holmes. Lunch at Ulyate, then across farms to Mtu was Mbu. Pushed on to Karatu. Called at J Gibb for tea. then Hargs and saw Angus. Met Jacksons (Lutheran) on the road, and reached Taylors up on ex-Sands farm, before 7p.m.


Out at 11, visited Purchases and van Rooyen. Afternoon very hot and returned to Taylors. Did not go out until after diner to Club.


No one came for 8am service! Engine of car a bit 'pinky', so Taylor and I had a go at carburator. Not cleared by 11.00 am so he took me to Club and then went back to see what could be done. Only Hargs and Paddy and 1 child came to 11 am service. Lunch at Taylors, left at 3pm. Straight back to Arusha by 6pm.

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Peter Rowland
Page Number: 2008 12 11
Extract Date: 11-Dec-2008

George Taylor

George & Audrey Taylor - Mbeya and Arusha Schools. I was at school with them at both. George may recall going halfterm to Jan van Rooyen's in West Kili.

Have been in and out of Tz over the years and now live not far from Ifunda on Ngwasi lake. Work in the Mbeya area and have had the opportunity of seeing the place - much the same but surrounds are built up. Rugby pitch is a railway station.

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