General Eduard von Liebert

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Extract Date: 1886-1918

German East Africa 1886-1918: Deutsch Ostafrika's Governors

1885-1888 Carl Peters, administrator

1888-1891 Hermann von Wissmann, Reichskommissar

1891-1893 Julius von Soden

1893-1895 Friedrich Radbod von Schele

1895-1896 Hermann von Wissmann

1896-1901 Eduard von Liebert

1901-1906 Gustav Adolf Graf von Goetzen

1906-1912 Georg Albrecht von Rechenberg

1912-1918 Albert Heinrich Schnee

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Ofcansky, Thomas P and Yeager, Rodger Historical Dictionary of Tanzania
Page Number: 98
Extract Date: 1896-1901


[von Liebert, General Eduard] GEA Governor

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Map and Guide to Tanzania
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the country's infrastructure

Under the first appointed Governor General, von Liebert, the country's infrastructure was organised with administrative centres, schools, hospitals and other social facilities and roads, ports and Railways.

The l,250km long Central Line (Mittelland Bahn) between Dar es Salaam and Lake Tanganyika surveyed in 1894 was started in 1906, reached Tabora in 1912 and Kigorna in February 1914. The Usambara railway linking Tanga to Moshi (Nord Bahn) was built to develop trade with the northern plantations and was completed in 1911.

After that and until the outbreak of World War I, attention turned towards agriculture with the development of cotton, coffee, sisal and rubber plantations.

With the introduction of the railway network the Asian merchants consolidated their trade by installing themselves all over the interior of the country.

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