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1990 Publishes: Willis, Delta The Hominid Gang

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1990 Publishes: McHugh, Kathleen (Editor); Willis, Delta (Consulting Editor) Kenya, Tanzania, Seychelles

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1992 Publishes: Willis, Delta The Leakey Family: Leaders in the Search for Human Origins

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Page Number: 2003 07 27
Extract Date: 27 July 2003

Delta Willis

Came across your site doing a google on Alan Root; I have friends in Arusha and also do web sites, plus the Fodor's Guide to Tanzania. Who are you?

Delta Willis

Monday, July 28, 2003 5:18 PM

Subject: Who am I?

Dear Delta

Thanks for your email. I guess you might also have found my site if you did a Google looking for Delta Willis!!

Who am I - how do I answer that? The long answer is buried in

The short answer is that I'm an English man who lived in Arusha with my father for four years in the fifties. Returned in 1994 for a Safari with Gibb's Farm Safaris which revived an interest, if not a passion for the country. I was persuaded that there was a niche for people to do web sites for safari companies - especially if they were prepared to trade trips for web pages - and so gave up my "day job" three years ago to do just that and to travel to Africa as often as I can. Last was in Arusha in May for the Karibu Trade Fair. When I can find the time, it's my hobby to collect books about Northern Tanzania, and piece together extracts and quotes to build up a history of the peoples and places of Northern Tanzania - hence What's great now is that I'm starting to get emails from people with personal recollections, and information not otherwise readily available.

I'm sure we may have friends and contacts in common in Arusha - maybe you also were there in May. My main contacts are listed on but I need to do some work to bring the page up to date.

Perhaps we may meet sometime in Arusha, or do you visit WTM in London in November?

What are you working on - I must admit I haven't checked recently whether there is a new edition of Fodors - I'm aware of some of your other publications. DO you do web sites also for Tanzanian operators?

I'm still trying to find a copy of your Hominid Gang, but I have your bio of the Leakey family. You will see that I have used a couple of extracts from it ( I included these because I was asked to answer the question "who really first found the Laetoli footprints" and pulled together as many sources as I could possibly find - these are all on the Laetoli page ( which is inevitably somewhat large. It amazes me also that when you do a Google search on Laetoli you bring up as many references to Creationists as you do to scientific narratives.

Best wishes


Dear David Marsh,

Good to hear from you. Actually I did a Google on Alan Root to figure out why I receive so many inquiries for his films. I've subsequently seen your Bio and noted with interest the extracts from John Heminway's book. John's a friend, as is Root. I haven't been to Arusha in 2 years but did the site for Mouse & Charlie McConnell and am close with Zoe & Roland Purcell, Mark & Milly Houldsworth, Tor Allan and Martina at Rivertrees. I send American travelers to Tanzania.

Several tidbits for you to consider for your site.

1) I note that you had the Park East site up as of 1999, which is when I wrote all their content. Park East was bought by Grand Expeditions in 2001, and the site is basically now my recycled copy, plus some very bad new stuff. The info at my Inside Information pages is more honest and more up to date; in fact the reason you had trouble logging on to my site is that we are updating it, on weekends. When the new Book page is up, there will be an excerpt from my Introduction to the new Fodor's Guide.

2) I have a new What to Pack page which has quality safari gear from Orvis (who also ship to U.K.) and useful info, such as Visa Application Forms for Tanzania. I would be very grateful if you might link to that page. It will help us both with the Google search engine if you use one of these phrases: "What to pack for Safari, vacation packing list and travel advice" link to

3) I will do a return link to your site, not sure where yet, don't want to become the Alan Root fan club site. I am looking for a comprehensive list of good wildlife videos on Africa, not limited to Tanzania. Finally, I am working on a book on Zanzibar and have lots of content that Fodor's didn't use. Maybe there is some why we can work on a digital safari together?

All the best Delta

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