Charlotte Hill O�Neal

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Arusha Times
Extract Author: Charlotte Hill O�Neal
Extract Date: 2000 May 31

The Art of Looking

The following is a continuation of a series of articles in the ARUSHA TIMES that profile members of WSAT, Wanawake waSanii wa Arusha, Tanzania, a community based women's art group.

As I strolled through the History of Arusha exhibition that was held a few weeks ago at the Arusha Natural History Museum, I found myself drawn time and time again to the color photos that were interspersed among the many faded black and white shots of the Arusha landscape and people of more than fifty years ago. I found myself standing in front of one of the photos, smiling as though I too, was inside that expertly captured moment. The image was of children enjoying the mechanical swings at an Arusha carnival, their eyes squinted to mere slits of excitement; their mouths wide open with shouts of joy and the sheer exhilaration of that unique experience.

rest of the item is about photography

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ZIFF-Zanzibar International Film Festival
Extract Date: June 28 2003

UAACC Sculptures & Paintings June 28 - July 12 Customs House

This year the United African Alliance Community Centre (UAACC) brings selected work by the following artists.

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Charlotte Hill O'Neal is a Resident Artist and Programs Director of the UAACC. She is also Deputy Chairperson of BAME, the committee to Beautify Arusha and its Environment; Chairperson of the Arusha - Kansas City Sister City Committee; and a member of the Rotary Club of Arusha. Charlotte is a self-taught artist of many years experience specializing in papier-mache" sculpture; acrylic painting; art quilts and multi medium compositions. She has exhibited her work both in Africa and America since 1987 in both solo and group exhibitions. Charlotte is also a published poet and writer.

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