L.R. Doughty

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Tanganyika Notes and Records No. 18
Extract Author: L.R.Doughty
Page Number: 98

page 25 of TNR No. 17

Letter from L.R.Doughty, Geneticist, East African Agricultural Research Institute. 26 August 1944

On page 25 of TNR No. 17, the following statement is made: in 1905 the first Sisal ever introduced into East Africa was planted at Kikowe, just south of the Pangani River, by a German who smuggled the seed from South America'

It seems desirable to try to slay this legend before it gains any general acceptance. The truth is as stated by Hindorf in his book 'Der Sisalbau in Deutsch-Ostafrika' Berlin 1925.

Sisal was introduced from Florida in 1893. From the first importation [of bulbils; Sisal rarely produces seed] sixty two plants were obtained. In 1898 six hundred kilograms of fibre were exported; by 1905 the export had already grown to 1140 tons in the year.

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