Naomi Kipury

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1983 Publishes: Kipury, Naomi Oral Literature of the Maasai

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Elizabeth Fletcher Glenn
Extract Date: 4 July 2001

Oral Literature of the Maasai

A young Maasai in Masai Mara (who had had eight years of school) said that he had learned a great deal by Naomi Kipury's 1983 book (Oral Literature of the Maasai, published by Heinemann Educational Books in Nairobi). He gently asked if I might be able to obtain a new copy as the copy available to him had been passed around so much it was almost worn out. I've been very creative today in trying to locate the book. Telephoned W.H.Smith here in England. Telephoned Barnes & Noble in no avail. Would you please help me find a copy of the book? It will subsequently go to Kenya straight-away! In advance, thank you.

Sincerely, Elizabeth

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