Ikoma Fort

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Turner, Myles My Serengeti Years
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Extract Date: 1901

Masai attacked Ikoma Fort

In 1901, A large raiding party of Masai attacked a group of thirty German askaris in the Ikoma area. [the Ikoma Fort is situated on top of the most easterly of a series of low hills called Nyabuta, about one mile north of the Grumeti River] The battle went on all day until evening, when the German troops withdrew into the Fort boma. That night the Masai attacked again but were driven off.

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first European

The first European to set foot in the area was the German explorer and naturalist Dr. Oscar Baumann, who passed by as an agent of the German Anti-Slavery Committee on his way to Burundi. He was followed by his compatriots who built Fort Ikoma in the north which was used as an administrative centre until it fell to the British in 1917.

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