Bert von Mutius

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Extract Author: Christa von Mutius
Page Number: 2005 02 14
Extract Date: 1950's

Christa von Mutius - Arusha School - 1950's

Sanya Juu

My mother and step-father (Bill and Nana Seitz) farmed not far from the Ulyate family and my two brothers (Bertie von Mutius and Barry von Mutius - both now deceased) and I went to school at Kongwa (I think) with some of them. Certainly I was friendly with Valerie Ulyate.

Our farm was called Molomo. Before his death Bertie ran a safari business from Momella, a beautiful lodge not far from Usa River and with wonderful views of both Meru and Kilimanjaro. I also attended Arusha school and knew the New Arusha Hotel very well.

Great to read about those wonderful places! What a privilege it was to have grown up there!

Christa Bond (nee von Mutius)

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Extract Date: 1960's


Not long afterwards we reached two small houses, one of which had belonged to the film star, Hardy Kruger, for whom Sirili had worked many years ago. It [Oldonyorok] is now inhabited by my friends Bert and Stephanie von Mutius and their small son, Daniel. Apart from the two houses and the little Momella Lodge, in the distance, no other buildings were visible. Instead we had a view over a small open plain on which buffaloes grazed, and which was surrounded by forest. Beyond that we could see Mount Kilimanjaro, some ninety kilometres away, but looking much closer. Just behind us, the snow on the peak of Mount Meru was melting in the sun.

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Extract Author: Jochen Spieker
Page Number: 2008 06 28

Nice to hear something about my friend Bertie von Mutius


I found with google and the words Molomo and Arusha Your website.

Bertie and I have been in school together in germany. It was a nice time and we had lot of fun. When I heard about Bertie's death, it made me sad, because we were like brothers.

Best wishes to everyone who reads this.


in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Bert von Mutius set up Tanzania Game Trails Ltd

Bert von Mutius set up Tanzania Game Trails Ltd, and was killed in a plane crash in Lake Victoria.

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Extract Author: Christa Von Mutius
Page Number: 2004 03 14

Ben Benbow

having looked at your web site I am very keen to trace Ben Benbow or any one who might know his where-abouts.

My name is Christa von Mutius sister of Bertie of Momella Lodge and I'm interested to contact friends from life in Tanzania.

Many thanks for your help


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Extract Author: Daniel Von mutius
Page Number: 2008 08 07
Extract Date: 2008

momella, sanya juu and arusha

I have just read the msg left by Charles Didham.

Nana and Bill Seitz are my grandparents. Unfortunately both of whom have passed away. They had 3 children, Barry, berti and Christa.

Barry and Berti (my father) are sadly both deceased. Christa is now living in henley-on-thames in England.

Barry married Johanna and they had one child Oliver. They both now live back in germany.

My Mother, Stephanie von Mutius, is currently living in england. Her familly the Pierre-nina's still resides in Arusha at oldonyo-orok lodge (now called 'Hatari Lodge') and ngaresero lodge in Usa River.

I would love to get in contact with anyone who knew any of the above mentioned people or anyone associated to them.


Daniel von Mutius

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