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Arusha: A Brochure of the Northern Province and its Capital Town
Page Number: 19
Extract Date: 1929

Settlement and Projected Railways

Although the areas immediately around Kilimanjaro and Meru are fairly well settled, it is by no means closely settled and there are still areas unused and which may become available for alienation.

There are however, definite areas open to settlers in the "Ufiome Triangle" and Mbulu, and these areas are fast becoming settled. There is little doubt that at no distant future these districts will be served by a railway connecting Arusha with the Central Line.

Arusha, there is little doubt, will not remain the railhead for any great period. Government have in view a connection with the Central Line, but whether this projected line will run via Mbugwe, Kondoa Irangi and Dodoma or via Mbugwe, Singida and Manyoni, is at present not decided on. Gen. Hammond and the General Manager of the Tanganyika Railways recently discussed the projected line with local public bodies who were in favour of the latter route.

In either case the projected line will tap the rich "Ufiome Triangle" and the highlands west of the Rift Valley escarpment. Fifty to Sixty farms have been taken up in recent years in the sub-district of Mbulu, both above and below the escarpment.

There is also under consideration a branch from the Moshi-Arusha line to Engare Nairobi on the western slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, and such line it is hoped, will later be joined with the Kenya and Uganda Railway near Kajiado, thus shortening the north and South route considerably and making direct communication with the Kenya capital.

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