Paul White

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1942 Publishes: White, Paul Jungle Doctor

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1960 Publishes: White, Paul (Text); Emery, Ossie and Udey, Edwin (Photos) Jungle Doctor Panorama

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Extract Author: Josie Smith
Page Number: 2008 11 26
Extract Date: 1964 up to 1974

Paul White's Jungle Books in Spanish

Back in 1964 up to 1974 four books of the Series Jungle Books were published in Spanish in Argentina, with permission from Paternoster Press, London. These books have long been out of print and a missionary in south Texas is interested in having them printed to destribute free of charge. The publishing entity in Argentina doesn' exist anymore and we were wondering if the contract with Paternoster included a clause about the forfeteing the rights to publish if the books are out of print. The missionary, John Monk, doesn't want to move ahead without being sure he has the proper permissions.

Could you give me and e-mail address where I could get in contact with Paternoster Press in London? I'll appreciate any orientation you can give me.

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