General Lettow von Vorbeck

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Map and Guide to Tanzania
Page Number: 06c
Extract Date: 1887-1914

Tom von Prince

Tom von Prince (awarded the title 'von' in recognition of his many acts of bravery), had spent his military life fighting all over Tanganyika; against Isike in 1887, Machemba of the Yao in 1890, Sina of Kibosho in 1891, and he waged a gallant war against the Hehe, who, in spite of having nick- named him 'Bwana Sakarani' - the Wild Man - on account of his fierce temper - held him in such esteem that the German Colonial Office exiled him to the Usambaras.

Enrolled in General Lettow von Vorbeck's Army during World War I, he was killed in action in November 1914, leading an assault against British troops in Tanga where he lies buried.

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