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Herne, Brian White Hunters: The golden age of African Safaris
Page Number: 044b
Extract Date: 1910-11

Third safari

Painter returned on his third safari in 1910-1911, but this time he brought his young bride, petite New Yorker Maud (nee Wyeth). At Nairobi, Roosevelt's safari, which had been headed by R. J. Cunninghame, had just returned from Sudan, and the Painters purchased much of Roosevelt's outfit. Teddy, who was a personal friend, had given Painter his leather writing case fitted with glass shades and candles, and even a pair of his massive knee-high safari boots, which tipped the scales at a staggering 4 pounds 11 ounces each. Kenyon and Maud's honeymoon safari was led by unknown Arusha white hunters named Twigg and Smith.

(One of the Smith brothers was killed in action by General Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck's Schutztruppe at the Battle of Longido Hill in 1915. Hamilton Twigg died of blackwater fever at Kondo Irangi 1916 during the British advance on von Lettow's positions.)

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Robson, P. Mountains of Kenya


Longido 8,625ft. A prominent mountain 15 miles south of Namanga, immediately east of the Arusha road. A remarkable steep granite slab, more than 1,000ft. high, overlooks the road, but the highest summit lies east of this across a grassy plateau. ... from Namanga, continue on Arusha road to a point about west of the mountain. A prominent dead tree on the left, about half a mile before the right hand turn off to Lake Natron, marks a favourite camp site.

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Arusha Times
Extract Author: Arusha times Reporters
Extract Date: Aug 17 2002

Hunting block controversy takes dangerous turn

ISSN 0856-9135; No. 00233

The Hunting plot controversy reigning within the Longido Game Controlled Area in Monduli district two weeks ago threatened the life of the American ambassador to Tanzania, Robert Royall who was Hunting in the block .

Riding in a Toyota Land Cruiser Station Wagon with registration numbers TZP 9016, owned by Bush Buck Safaris Limited, Ambassador Royall found himself being confronted by 16 armed men.

The incident took place on Saturday the 27th of July this year, at about 13.00 hours, in the Hunting block which is under the authority of Northern Hunting Enterprises Limited.

It is reported that, while Royall and his family were driving in the area, another vehicle, Land Cruiser with registration numbers TZP 3867, drove toward them and blocked them off.

Sixteen men, armed with traditional weapons including spears, machetes, doubled edged swords (simis) and clubs jumped out, ready for an attack.

However, both the ambassador, his team and driver Carlous Chalamila happened to be fully equipped and likewise drew their weapons.

Seeing modern weapons, the mob got frightened and decided to flee. But the ambassador´┐Żs driver, Chalamila followed them to find out what they wanted. Contacts were subsequently made with the wildlife department of the Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources. Some wildlife officers were dispatched to the scene from Arusha and when they arrived, they found the attackers already gone.

Regional Police Commander for Arusha, James Kombe admitted that the incident did take place but declined comments on the issue. However, already five people have been arrested in connection with the incident, these are: Omar Mussa, David Bernard, Salimba Lekasaine, Kiruriti Ndaga and the only lady in the team, Nuria Panito Kennedy.

This week, Arusha Times learned that, the five suspects are out on bail.

Speaking by phone from Monduli, the Monduli District Commissioner (DC), Anthony Malle said there was indeed some controversy regarding the Hunting bloc of Longido Game Controlled Area (LGCA) in which two Hunting companies of Kibo Safaris and Northern Hunting Enterprises (T) Limited, were at logger heads.

Captain Malle added that, even the residents of the Singa village in the area, have been divided into two groups each supporting either companies.

The District Commissioner however, pointed out that only the Ministry will decide which of the two parties have the right to the 1,500 square kilometre Hunting bloc.

DC Malle also said that he and other district officials have already held various meetings to address the issue and together have signed an official letter which was sent to the Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources in order for the office to settle the matter once and for all.

Efforts to contact both Kibo Safaris and Northern Hunting Enterprises ended in vain.

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Maasai - oloonkito - place of the stone useful for sharpening knives

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